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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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SOS & Mr. Archive – Spitz and Giggles (Album) [Review]

Vancouver, BC – What do you get when a couple of fly Vancouver MCs get together to brag about alcohol consumption, sexual misadventures, and other dubious/doobie-ous themes? You get Spitz ‘N Giggles, the new release resulting from collabos between SOS aka Sauce and Mr. Archive. With them come a whole host of guesting MCs that maintain and elevate the party vibe that runs through the album from beginning to end.

Review: SOS & Mr. Archive - Spitz and Giggles (Album) -

These dudes have so many tongue-in-cheek rhymes that must be coughing up blood – how many rappers will openly proclaim that they’ll “fishhook you girl”? Their hilarious rendition of Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” – aptly titled “Bust A Nut” – really did it justice. From the sweet opening song “Eye Candy” with it’s funky splashy synth lines and head-snapping beat, to the random interlude verses kicked over sick beatboxing, this joint rolls from one entertaining song right into the next.

With local veterans like Attikus and Chadio along with cats like Flip Da Lip and Tyler 2X – not to mention the variety of sounds coming from beatmakers Bevvy Swift, K Rec and Lekz – there’s not a bar of boredom to be heard. “Bragging Rights” and “High Pass” offer a smorgasbord of MCs and styles all the while maintaining the shits and giggles theme throughout. Everyone comes correct with every verse and each song is fully developed as a distinct track in and of itself.

It’s clear these guys don’t take themselves as painfully serious as most rappers tend to, nor do they take any other rapper seriously, dropping dis after dis while remaining lighthearted. Sauce and Archive kicked out a rad fun album just for the sake of it and it’d be nice to see more of that in hip-hop.

Written by Jesse Furnell for HipHopCanada

Download the album HERE!


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  1. Hotcaxe

    Yeah! Good review. Right on the nose.

  2. Griploc

    Big ups to my boyz Spits and Giggles doin big things in the underground hip hop Vancouver scene! Looking for ward to the next full length album drop! It was great mastering this album to bring it to a gritty, underground, street sound that says Spits and Giggles in every track.
    Great work guys, these emcees are the essence of underground hip hop should be!
    Grip Loc Entertainment

  3. J.Price

    Nice. Thanks for the download. Great album all the way through.

  4. Mr.Archive

    Nice, couldn’t ask for a better review…you guys rock!