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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Bone Thugs Rolling Through the Prairies [Contest]

Calgary, AB – Them boys at Dubsac Productions and Boondang Music keep bringing us that good ish when Bone Thugs-n-Harmony play the prairies’ first major hip hop show of 2012. Both Krayzie and Wish are dropping by The Distillery on Jan. 28th in Calgary, and you know your pals at HipHopCanada’s got you covered. We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the show like we do, cuz we’re just nice like that.  Simply retweet this post and tag @saroshrizvi and @hiphopcanada to win.  You are entered as many times you retweet, so go ahead and blow up our timeline!  We’ll leave the contest open for the next week.  If you don’t want to risk it, check the flyer for where to cop tickets after the jump and be sure to check some of the local flavor with Terell Safadi, J-Bru, Dilemma and Dizzy opening.

Bone Thugs in Calgary

Bone Thugs in Calgary

Check some highlights from the last time they came through Canada, when our own Amalia Judith sat down with Krayzie and Bone…

HipHopCanada: Any differences you guys notice North of the border?

Wish: The money. You guys are pretty much the same; the same cars, drive on the same side of the road, stop lights- pretty much the same. Just feels like the West Coast.

Krayzie: This is about as at home as I feel in any country – cause even though we in another country I’m used to everything here.

HipHopCanada: So you two are touring as Bone Thugs n Harmony, what’s the relationship with the other members of the group?

Krayzie: We all still down. Me and Wish, we have a record label together, The Life Entertainment. We’ve been concentrating on developing the artists we have cause we’re looking to launch a global label. We have artists from all over the world so that’s something we’re really concentrating on. But at the same time we’re doing songs together as Bone Thugs n Harmony, to give the fans what they want. The other members are getting together and doing the same thing.

HipHopCanada: Has there been any defining moments that changed who you were and how you saw the world?

Wish: Definitely. For me it had to be the death of Eazy E that signed us. Right when we got in the game and got a little popularity, he died. It was a really scary moment for us cause we had to learn to figure out a lot of things at that point. His wife took over the company and all that, but it was still a different relationship that we had to get used to. At that point I thought it was over, I thought it was back to the block.

Krayzie: It’s been a lot of different things that changed me. Being robbed in the music business, being taken advantage of as an artist, family issues like losing loved ones – just surviving those things have made me who I am today, made me a better person. Like they say, experience is the best teacher, made me a strong person.

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