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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Corvid – Purgatorio [Album] [Review]

Vancouver, BC – Originally from North Bay, Ontario but residing in Vancouver for the past decade, self-proclaimed “scumbag” MC Corvid has no problem reppin’ East Van proper. Whether you know him as assistant editor for or one fifth of the Stoop Fam, there’s no mistaking that Corvid holds his own deep and dark form on his latest full length – and possibly his best collection of tracks to date – Purgatorio.

Corvid Purgatorio

Saturated with samples, VanCity references, and K-Rec production, Purgatorio is dedicated to the late Abort Magazine founder Edward Scott Day. In true form, Purgatorio hits hard from the get go. K-Rec keeps it funky with a slight old school flavour and is a welcome pairing to Corvid’s often heavy flow and opaque content. While it may seem that Corvid is just another MC with a love for BC green, striking your personal space with opinions, such is not the case. He also takes a big part in the production of Purgatorio, showing his skills on the bass and guitar on “Paradise.”

Fellow Stoop Fam member Young Nige offers a quick jab with his fresh verse on “Downtown to East Van,” while the smooth jazzy beat of “Off Day” adds a little light to the end of an otherwise lyrically somber tunnel. Corvid’s heavy content about the struggles of life are perfectly showcased in “Population Control,” where he spits hooks like “They want to murder you in your sleep/ Cause they think you don’t deserve to breathe”; luckily the less dark stylings of K-Rec balance out the misery a little.

K-Rec is one VanCity DJ that cannot be fucked with: he has his hands in projects with numerous artists as well as his own solo projects, quite possibly the hardest-working DJ that Vancouver has to offer. His perfectly proportioned style is highly compatible with mostly every MC he has worked with, and in this album Corvid is never over-shadowed nor under-shadowed, but beautifully combined in MC/DJ bliss.

Title track “Purgatorio” claims that “I’m an introverted guy so I’d rather be alone/ In the middle of the night with a fat sativa cone”. While he may like to be left alone, Corvid’s latest certainly should not be. If a unique approach to East Van rap is what is required, get ready to roll a good size spliff, bump that Purgatorio loud and rock the fuck out.

Check out Purgatorio HERE.

Written by KassKills for HipHopCanada

Corvid Purgatorio

Corvid Purgatorio

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