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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Subliminal Disses: The Elephant In The Room [Blog]

Toronto, ON – Happy New Year! It’s 2012 and all of a sudden rappers don’t call out other rappers by name anymore? Personally, I blame Jay-Z. He’s the king at the side-swipe cuts that may or may not be about another rapper. He’s walked the line for years, only blatantly stepping out during the Nas/Mobb Deep beef way back when. Last year, he dropped the “baby money” line (H.A.M.) and it seemed to set off a subliminal dissing spree. Was it a shot at Wayne and Baby? Maybe it was just a provocative line to “get the people going!” Regardless, the effect was the same and now nobody says any names.

Wayne responded to the baby money line with his own half-way subliminal Jigga diss on “It’s Good.” Then Pusha T did his version of “Dreams Money Can Buy” taking aim at Drake, again without saying his name. Then there was Ludacris and his random shots at Big Sean and Drake, again without saying their names. 50, the king of all out rap beef, left out Weezy and The Game’s names on “Hate It Or Love It Part 2,” even though he admitted later it was about them. Who else? Drake himself threw a log on the fire with his line “the throne is for the taking, watch me take it” (“I’m On One”) which was deciphered as a shot at Kanye West & Jay-z. Drake did double subliminal duty on that verse, seemingly mocking Big Sean’s signature “boiiii” when he said “get it while you’re here boii, ’cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year, boii.” Complex Magazine even discussed the possibility of Kanye’s line in Otis being a subliminal response to Drake (“Niggas talkin reckless: stuntmen/ I adopted these niggas Phillip Drummond’em”). Plus there’s the ongoing back and forth between Jeezy and Rick Ross in their on again off again dislike for each other.

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Subliminal Disses: The Elephant In The Room [Blog] -

What is going on here? I feel like I’m listening to a bunch of passive aggressive, timid little girls. This is rap music, say a name already. Or else, what are we even doing here? It’s like every time one of these subliminal lines gets dropped there’s another elephant in the room. Was he talking about Common? Drake? Wayne? Or is it all nonsense because half these artists want to take shots but not take responsibility? Pusha T pulled a politician move with his subliminals, testing the temperature of his audience after dissing Drake, before ultimately deciding to deny it was directed at him. F**k outta here son!

At least on Common’s new Drake diss (which sucks) he makes a point of saying Drake’s name and fittingly laces the end of his verse with samples from Destiny’s Child “Say My Name.” For an industry full of big egos and tough talk, I’m looking around seeing a lack of conviction. Remember the Jigga line “This ain’t beef, this is rap homie/I ain’t got a scratch on me”? Well guess what? This ain’t even rap homie. This is some he-say-she-say (or did he say it at all?), plausible deniability nonsense. Get over yourselves and say what you mean, because either you mean what you say or you don’t.

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  1. Raphlove

    This is all very true. But feel like beef in the rap game just isn’t the same as it used to be. I don’t even know if the beef is real or just an unwarrented publicity stunt. I mean, common dissing drake? What the fuck did drake ever do to you, except sell more records in 2 albums than you did in your whole career? The last Common album I bought was Electric Circus, which was a huge mistake, and I still want my money back. The dopest thing on that album was the cover!
    See back in the day there was a back story to the beef. A rapper had done some personal shit to a next rapper behind the scenes, and they retaliated on a record. But now I think they just do it as a gimmick to keep battle rap and record company competition alive. And yes, they won’t even name names, which is pretty, as my Jamaican associates would say, “pusseh ole”
    Its quite possible the reason common wants drake to say his name so desperately is do that 10 million people who’ve never heard “the light” or watched “Smoking’ Aces” would know who the hell Common sense is.
    If I were Common I’d be careful calling out one of the biggest names in rap at the moment, he could end up in the unemployment line behind ja rule.
    My point is don’t spit some hateful shit on someone whos done no wrong to you, just to create some buzz and Jigga man would absolutely SH$T on anybody who would doubt his jigganess! Jigga, Jigga man! Lol

  2. DatchikMalix

    this article is TRUTH.

    don’t mean to put most of the male population on blast, but it this #Bitchassness seems to be an epidemic. Rap was never about being politically correct but being the space to voice how you REALLY feel. The whole hiphop game has gotten WAAAAAYYYY too sensitive, MAN UP FELLAS!!!

    5 points for Common, Drake your serve…GO!

  3. shomar

    saying JayZ started the subliminal dissing trend shows a complete lack of knowledge of hip hop history.

  4. Cinqo

    @shomar: Implying that the author of the post wrote that Jay-z STARTED the subliminal dissing trends shows a lack of reading comprehension on your part.

    In fact, the exact words were: “Personally, I blame Jay-Z. He’s the king at the side-swipe cuts that may or may not be about another rapper.”

    What part of that says he “started” the trend? Not one part of it.

  5. the_urban_prince

    disses haven’t been the same since 2pac and biggie died. most rappers just don’t want the fall out of a outright verbal war. their scared of losing fans, and MONEY. what has happened to hiphop is soooo sad.

    BTW Common shits all over Drake okaithanxbai….

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