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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Ambiguous – Moresight [Review]

Edmonton, AB – Originally from the Valley, NS but currently holding down his place of birth of Edmonton AB, the self proclaimed “microphone breaker” Ambiguous invites listeners to “sit back and listen and enjoy the ride” of his latest album Moresight.


The man is impassioned about hip-hop and his quick and wordy flow allows him to jam a lot of material into each track to chew on and digest. The 18 song Moresight is packed with tracks about taking action to overcome challenges and following your path, thoughts on educating up-and-coming artists, frustrations with the game and addressing “topics you don’t typically hear in hip-hop.”

You can’t hate on a man pursuing his dreams and you gotta respect someone who encourages others to do the same. In the opening track, “The Plot” he lays out his musical plans, and over the smooth vocal sample in “Mantra” he authentically shares overcoming personal issues trying to hold him back.

Ambiguous also shares some thoughts on the state of the game today. In “Hiphopucation” he calls into question the content spit by many MCs and the need for an education in hip-hop.  The ever-so-sweet chords of “Dealin’ (Wit These MC’z)” provide an opportunity for Ambig to voice frustrations on two-facedness in the scene. There are also some salutes to the Canadian contribution and its growing impact and importance. Represent.

Finally, Ambiguous dedicates a couple songs to tell tales exploring perspectives often overlooked in hip-hop. “2Nd Chances” is a somber reflection on the effects of one’s lifestyle choice.  It explores the idea of regrets and working at living without them or taking advantages of second chances if and when they come. “Again” tells the often unheard story of a father’s fight to be involved in his child’s life. And “Moods” communicates the issues facing young boys growing up with abuse.

Lyrically, Moresight, covers a wide range of topics while musically the vibe stays pretty laid back and chill. There are a plethora of dope vocal samples and some sweet keys and horns over pretty chill and laid back beat tempos. Check out the album and if you miss some of the content, listen to the end of a couple tracks as Ambiguous jumps on the mic interview-style and speaks openly about what he hopes comes across in his music and thoughts from his personal journey.

Written by Joshua J for HipHopCanada



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