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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Group Therapy: Boot Camp Clik Social Styles [Interview]

Vancouver, BC – As Boot Camp Clik have developed collectively over the years, they’ve had to learn to get along – hard to have successful careers as some of the most innovative and stylistic MCs this side of ’95 if there’s a bunch of drama dragging things down, right? The Duck Down artists were kind enough to take the Social Style Evaluator test – yes, it’s a legit clinical practice – which we then put into the UA/Wilson Learning Corporation Social Styles Matrix to find how each personality fits within the larger picture. The answers are revealing: each man has his place in the hierarchy that has been molded by his social style…so take a look at the social styles of BCC.

BCC Social Styles

Sean Price:  The Power House – Analytical-Driver

Sean Price

Sean P is a funny guy who’s able to laugh at himself, but as an Analytical-Driver, he definitely leans toward a Control-Responsive type. He knows how to take charge, but how to take orders as well: “I’m still a soldier,” he tells, “I respect rankings, I respect the order. I never forget where I came from.” He tends to be more reserved but is certainly not passive – Drivers don’t show a lot of emotion but are comfortable with power. Add the Analytical element to that and you get a person who is task-focused and assertive enough to see those tasks through. Sean P may be the oldest of the group but he has enough maturity to not take it all so seriously: “For the most part I give you me.  The good side, the bad side, the fucked up side. I laugh at myself at some of the fucked up shit I did and do – just giving you me.”

Buckshot: The Boss Man – Expressive-Driver


The natural leader – being 50% owner of the label and all – Buckshot is a visionary. Hi social style falls under Expressive-Driver, leaning towards Emote-Responsive. He is a man of ideas, and claims, “I just consider myself someone who contributes what he has – foresight, talent and the ability to stay 25 steps ahead of myself.”  The Tell-Assertive aspect means that Buckshot knows how to command a room – he is able to follow through on his foresight via facilitation. His Expressive nature reveals a sociable, stimulating and enthusiastic style that may appear impulsive but is motivated and future-oriented.

General Steele: The Damn Chaperone – Right in the Middle


Well he’s obviously the general, but Steele takes the middle ground – “I’m more like  a mediator most times, and when I don’t need to mediate I’m creating innovative ways to move forward and stay collectively productive.” On the styles chart Steele sits right in the center of his crew – not as Expressive as Buckshot, not as Analytical as Sean Price, not quite as Amiable as Tek. General Steele is a bridge-builder – calm and warm, open and responsive. He is, however, a bit of a fence-sitter; Steele often ranked himself in two responses for the Social Styles Evaluator’s questions, rarely moving outside the mid-range on the scale. He takes charge but doesn’t command: “I’m like a damn chaperone to these guys, I’m a camp counselor.”

Tek – The Strong Silent Type – Expressive-Amiable


Tek is Expressive-Amiable, a style which values personal relationships and focuses on people rather than tasks. He finds his place in BCC through a historical connection with the streets, bringing out “a style of street awareness – we all from different hoods in Brooklyn but I just bring a little bit more of the Gemini aspect of it.”  He’s dominant but quiet, introverted though assertive, hard to read and emotionally controlled.  “It’s styleness at the same time as hoodness, so we all just blend in with each other,” he explains, after dropping a line from “Headz Ain’t Ready”: “I rock the stripes of the M-P pon my timb tree.”

So that’s the men of BCC – if you want to know more about the Social Styles Evaluator check it out – what’s your social style?

Interview/Evaluation conducted by Amalia Judith for HipHopCanada
Photography by Bryan Mollett for HipHopCanada 

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