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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Jaide’s Dark Side [Interview]

Edmonton, ABJaide is a 21-year-old singer/MC based in Edmonton, Canada. The young songstress has created an uproar with her high-energy hip-hop performances and chilling vocals. Jaide’s unique style and soulful presence makes her a talent that can’t be ignored. Recent performances have had her open for names like Swollen Members, The Outlawz, and Bone Thugs & Harmony. The girl’s officially gone nuts and somehow that has created a recipe for success…we want that recipe.


HipHopCanada caught up with Jaide in what she thought was just another “studio session” with Sonik and Rome Angel. That’s when we began observation. We eventually had to restrain her because her swagg was on a milli. After all that…the INTERROGATION!

Hip-Hop Canada: You’re fresh on the scene and have already worked with best producers, directors and promoters in the city and had some pretty BIG show openers.What influenced you to MC and when you started did you think you would be doing the things you’re doing now through MCing?

Jaide: Thanks B! Well, to be honest, I didn’t EVER think I would end up being an MC. I was a rock, jazz and blues vocalist. I wrote a couple rap songs for fun but never took it seriously. But then I met MC Lovely, she heard me rap, and put me on a song of hers…It blew up from there. I just fell in love with the poetic wordplay and found it helped me express a lot of my emotions in a totally different way. It kicked ass and I just couldn’t stop. But don’t think rap is the only thing you will see from me. I’m pretty damn versatile.

Hip-Hop Canada: I’ve been bumping your tunes a lot lately. In particular I’m loving “That She Do” ft. Rome Angel. Your style is definitely not the Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj barbie flow. It’s actually quite the opposite. You show a much darker side.Why not throw on something “sexy” and get paid of sex appeal?

Jaide: What? You saying I don’t have sex appeal? Kidding. I guess my style is just my style. I’ve always loved edgier and darker things. I think I gravitate towards it because I relate to it. I grew up in a lot of messed up abusive situations that left me with various issues. On top of that, I did it on my own from the time I was 15. When I rap, it’s usually coming from that area of my mind. It doesn’t mean I won’t or don’t step outside that box, I love versatility. I’m an artist. But one thing I do need to say is that regardless of how a chick dresses, whether it’s laid back or in a mini skirt, it shouldn’t matter if you have the skills. Talent is talent. And just like your music, some people will dig it, some people won’t. Females don’t have it as easy as most guys think either, major sex appeal or not. Do you know how many times I’ve heard “I hate female rappers…But I fucking love you!” Goes to say that most guys before the words are even out of the mouth assume a woman is a shit rapper. You have to completely flip their predisposition, and first impressions are hard to beat. In the end, dressing sexy or not doesn’t actually matter. So I stick to me and my style.


Hip-Hop Canada: You don’t only have a dark side you also have a deep side. Your songs have lyrics that capture the listener in a way that reaches the soul. It’s crazy it’s like listening to a female DMX. Lyrically of course.

Jaide: Haha, oh wow. Thank you! As I had mentioned before, I had a rough upbringing, so a lot of my raps draw upon the emotional struggles I’ve had. Unfortunately there are a lot of weird side effects that stuck around, so I speak on that as part of my own healing process. Most of my songs are just me trying to make sense of how I feel, and I feel differently about it all the time. I do believe I’m blessed even for the misfortunate past. It gave me a better understanding of people and a better appreciation for the beautiful things in life that do come my way. But I don’t forget, I love to think and analyze. The fact that other people are still living through what I already went through makes me want to keep making music for the struggles. I’m just glad people dig the deep.

Hip-Hop Canada: I really like your video we posted “Officially Gone Nuts” ft. Sonik directed by Vintage Reprise. Now, Sonik who was featured in the song is known for being a well-rounded artist, director, producer and engineer. He’s Edmonton’s go to guy for a lot of rappers. How did you and Vintage Reprise come up with that concept and what’s your relationship with Sonik?

Jaide: Sonik is totally my go-to guy for various things. We work together on several different levels. He records me, he’s produced beats for me, we’ve rocked some awesome shows together and there are even some fun projects coming out that involve him, Rome Angel & Trippz (*cough* Couch Sessions *cough* Watch for it). I have to say every element is a total blast and I would recommend Sonik to any artist searching for a great engineer or producer. He’s a talented motherfucker!

Hip-Hop Canada: Ok so clearly you’re involved in your community. I know you threw a show last year for the Sexual Assault Center of Edmonton. The show was a charity show, to raise money and awareness for the organization which offers free council and therapy to sexual abuse victims and children.What drives you to give back to your peers and how do you plan to use your music as a tool for giving back in the future?

Jaide: Ah! Well, being honest I just really enjoy helping out with charity in any way possible. I think there are a lot of great organizations that are really undervalued but have absolutely amazing things to offer. For example, I threw the charity show for S.A.C.E because I believe in its ability to be a great resource for children and adults. My experiences there have been incredible and so helpful. To me it seems unfortunate that there isn’t a lot of awareness raised to organizations like this that are truly effective and have great values, even as a free service. So many charities have the want and ability to give clothes, school supplies, free council and connections to other services for low income families or solo people that need the help just like mine did. I plan to try and raise more awareness by simply putting my stories out there and ensuring that I pay credit to the places like SACE that have helped me along. I will actually be releasing an album based on my experiences and struggles with that specific topic and plan to donate half the proceeds to the Sexual Assault Center in order to give back and raise awareness for those who might not know about their programs.


Hip-Hop Canada: Okay now the fun part of the interview! Who are some of your favourite’s all time artists? 

Jaide: Hmm, lets see. I don’t have any favourites. And I couldn’t name one.. I love all styles and there are so many greats for me. Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Annie Lennox, Tom Petty, Nirvana are some…I also love Alisha Keys, Whitney Houston, Jan Arden, Amy Lee, Pink,Immortal Technique, Jay Z, Mos Def. Really, there is just too many that were inspirational. I love all music.

Hip-Hop Canada: It’s always a pleasure to sit down with artists like yourself. I want to say thanks on behalf on! Where can Canada find out more about Jaide?

Jaide: You can follow me on twitter! @Jaide_C, Like my Facebook page: “Jaide”, or subscribe to my Youtube Channel!  “ItsJustJaide.” Also my mixtape drops in April, look out for that.Thank you for the opportunity! It was great talking to you too!

Interview conducted by BMoney Grenier for HipHopCanada
Concept and photos by Angie Sobota for Vintage Reprise and HipHopCanada


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