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Song of the Day: Halifax’s Quake Matthews says “God Bless Atlanta”

Song of the Day: Halifax’s Quake Matthews says “God Bless Atlanta”

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Outta Town: Winnipeg's Most with Ephin/SDK in Langley [Photos/Blog]

<STRONG>Langley, BC – </STRONG><EM>We”ve recently realized that we need more coverage in those suburbs that border the city and often get overlooked by us. So we asked our Surrey guy Jesse Furnell to start


utting together some blogs about shows and experiences that happen in the “burbs…welcome to the first installation of <STRONG>Outta Town</STRONG>…and welcome to Langley.</EM></P>
<P style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center” data-mce-style=”text-align: center;”><IMG alt=EPHIN/SDK src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK02.jpg” data-mce-src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK02.jpg”><IMG class=”mceWPmore mceItemNoResize” title=More… alt=”” src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif” data-mce-src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif”></P>
<P>It was a family affair at Langley’s Troubadour when the<SPAN style=”COLOR: #800000″ data-mce-style=”color: #800000;”><STRONG> Ephin/Stompdown Killaz</STRONG></SPAN> crew showcased much of their talent opening up for <STRONG><SPAN style=”COLOR: #800000″ data-mce-style=”color: #800000;”>Winnipeg’s Most</SPAN></STRONG> on their Western Canadian Tour. I walked into a near empty bar, arriving earlier than usual, but as two full party buses pulled up the place quickly filled up. Ephin T’s were to be seen everywhere and there were half-naked, fully-drunk girls everywhere as well…a good start to the night..</P>
<P style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center” data-mce-style=”text-align: center;”><IMG alt=EPHIN/SDK src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK04.jpg” data-mce-src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK04.jpg”></P>
<P>After a short time of the DJ spinning classics from old to new, Ephin’s Fatt Matt kicked off the set. I’ve seen dude many times and he always keeps it live with up-tempo joints and party-style rhymes and vibes throughout. And Fatt Matt ain’t shy, he’s a beast on the mic. Next up was the one and only Merkules, who thank God at least kept his shirt on for the first couple tracks. He ripped through his tracks, hyping up the crowd and rhyming surprisingly passionately about taking shits, sleeping on couches, smoking weed and getting drunk. When it comes to wasting one’s youth no one has more conviction than Merk.</P>
<P style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center” data-mce-style=”text-align: center;”><IMG alt=EPHIN/SDK src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK05.jpg” data-mce-src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK05.jpg”></P>
<P>Caspian strolled onto the stage to kick a couple tracks and ended up being backed by the whole crew, who were in full effect as shirtless tattoo’d guys rocking their signiture SDK bella clavas took over the stage. Damn, I saw more man-boobs and tattoos than I see when I look in the mirror, word up. Snak The Ripper and Evil Ebenezer rounded off the showcase busting solo songs and collabbing on a couple tracks. One highlight was when Snak serenaded a resident hoochie in the way that only Snak can – one part romance, and one part offensiveness as he told homegirl just how he’d treat her. And dammit, I think she liked it. Evil and Snak killed their respective sets, as well as Young Sin, who proved as always that he’s one of the illest around. They were pros on the mic as always – perhaps a few of the earlier acts could learn from them.</P>
<P style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center” data-mce-style=”text-align: center;”><IMG alt=EPHIN/SDK src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK07.jpg” data-mce-src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK07.jpg”></P>
<P>After the smoke cleared Winnipeg’s Most took the stage and quickly raised the bar even higher than the Ephin boys – who were currently drinking the bar dry. Beats, check. Vocals, check. Style, check. Pros? Hell yes. These cats know what they’re doing, Jon C and Charlie Fettah made it clear why they’re poppin’ in the ‘Peg. Since their self-titled debut in 2010 Winnipeg’s Most have been making enough noise for the whole country to hear. Taking home multiple awards from the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards and getting play on MuchMusic, the Most have their game on lock.</P>
<P style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center” data-mce-style=”text-align: center;”><IMG alt=EPHIN/SDK src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK09.jpg” data-mce-src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK09.jpg”></P>
<P>Song after song assaulted the audience with tracks such as “Bang Bang” and “All That I Know” and the crowd responded with enthusiasm, rocking hard to the beats. Winnipeg’s Most killed it with banger after banger keeping the tempo hype and the vibe live, it’s easy to see why this crew is making heads take notice. Experts on the mics, dudes all slayed their verses with each MC shining in their own right, and backing each other up without muddying up the sound. Winnipeg’s Most are the real deal, expect to see them on a national level because the boys are reaching the point where they can truly represent Canadian hip-hop, eh.</P>
<P style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center” data-mce-style=”text-align: center;”><IMG alt=EPHIN/SDK src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK10.jpg” data-mce-src=”http://www.hiphopcanada.com/uploads/2012/04/EPHINSDK10.jpg”></P>
<P>With Ephin gearing up for a cross-Canada tour and Winnipeg’s Most getting more and more recognition our West Coast is quickly giving the East a run for its money. Our talent pool might be smaller, might be, but it’s depth and flow are making waves coast to coast.</P>



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