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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Big Page – Things Young Ppl Do [Mixtape]

Toronto, ONBig Page has been preparing this mixtape for over a year, but finally Things Young People Do is available. In March of 2011, HipHopCanada spoke with Page and asked him about this project.

HipHopCanada: Things Young People Do, is that a mixtape or an album?

Page: It’s bigger than that. It’s a mixtape, it’s an album, it’s a campaign, and it’s a movie. Things Young People Do is actually a time capsule. It’s Page right now. It’s a movement. I looked at it like from my teenage years to now and the future, I’m a young a person. I am an adult but I’m still a younger person. So I look at it like when I’m 40 years old and I look back to 2010 or 2008, or this time on my life – and things that I did, whether it was things that I did good or bad, decisions I made in life – I know I’m going to look back at it like things I did when I was young. That’s the whole concept, it’s just things that I’m doing being a young person right now. It’s things that I’m learning and just going through life as a young person. I just had to give it a simple name – Things Young People Do.

Read the entire interview here and click the jump for the mixtape download link.

Mixtape: Big Page - Things Young Ppl Do -

Mixtape: Big Page - Things Young Ppl Do -


01 – Big Page – Intro
02 – Big Page – If I Die
03 – Big Page – Fire ft. Nikkiya
04 – Big Page – Gangsta Girl ft. Bobby V
05 – Big Page – Chasing A Dream
06 – Big Page – Hit & Run
07 – Big Page – A Million Dollars
08 – Big Page – Picture Me Rollin
09 – Big Page – Europe
10 – Big Page – Everyday
11 – Big Page – Gone
12 – Big Page – Hold Me Down
13 – Big Page – Lindsay Lo
14 – Big Page – Pills, Powder, Lean
15 – Big Page – Real Playa Like
16 – Big Page – Sex On Drugs
17 – Big Page – My Time
18 – Big Page – She Bad
19 – Big Page – ThingsYoungPplDo
20 – Big Page – Vegas Lights
21 – Big Page – Bad Guy

Twitter: @BigPage

Mixtape: Big Page - Things Young Ppl Do -

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