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Fortunato launches the Four Flags Tour in Saint John, New Brunswick on Oct. 7

Fortunato launches the Four Flags Tour in Saint John, New Brunswick on Oct. 7

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Don’t Mess With A$AP Rocky [Video]

USA/UK – In the past few months, two incidents occurred with A$AP Rocky and some arrogant fans at his shows. The first was at SXSW when someone from the crowd hurled a can of beer at A$AP and his mob. A$AP tried to diffuse the situation but even after he told them to chill another can of beer was thrown at them. A$AP and a few dudes from his mob jumped into the crowd and a fight broke out.

The second incident was in London just a few days ago at the Camden Electric Ballroom when a fan stole his watch right off his wrist. A$AP found the dude and his mob went after him. Check out both videos to see exactly what went down.

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