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Halifax’s Cuv deep-sixes ‘pretty boy,’ releases Hypocrite mixtape

Halifax’s Cuv deep-sixes ‘pretty boy,’ releases Hypocrite mixtape

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Drake left shaken on special Punk’d episode with Ashton Kutcher [News]

Los Angeles, CA – Another Canadian rapper first. On a 2012 MTV Movie Awards special edition of MTV’s Punk’d featuring the return of the show’s creator and original host, Ashton Kutcher, the crew pulled no punches in their prank against Toronto’s own Drake.

Drake was convinced that he was on his way to a hotel to meet U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. After pulling into the hotel’s underground parking lot, an earthquake began and panic ensues. As Drizzy nervously announces that it’s his first earthquake experience, a random person jumps into truck to avoid falling debris despite Drake’s warning that the vehicle belonged to U.S. Secret Service. Amidst a wave of aftershocks, another man rushes into the parking garage with his pregnant wife and demands that Drake move the truck so they can get by. Drake tries to explain that he doesn’t have the keys but the explanation falls on deaf ears (of course). Instead, the man jumps into the driver’s seat of the car to look for the keys. The keys are obviously nowhere to be found but, instead, he reveals a taser and begins to violently tase the air. Drake understandably backs away at the sight of the taser and watches in awe as the man appears to tase his pregnant wife. They had him fooled, that’s for sure. And it actually seemed like they could have kept Drake going for a bit longer but Ashton decides to put him out of his misery.

Drake was a good sport about it and the clip is definitely hilarious. Stay tuned to MTV for a re-run coming soon. Kim Kardashian was also Punk’d on the same episode but the prank was lame by comparison.

News: Drake left shaken on Punk'd with AShton Kutcher -


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    So good! Hilarious. “This is no joke dog”

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