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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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#DutchysCorner | Nyiam – Stoners [Album]

Mississauga, ON – I’d seen the name here and there but before taking in his new Stoners album I hadn’t really heard of 21-year-old producer/MC, Nyiam. I’m glad I finally gave him the look cause this album goes in! Right from the first track “Stoner Hop” you’re brought into Nyiam’s aggressive-but-relaxed punchline filled “reefer madness” …till there’s nothing left but some “Dirty Bong Water.” On top of that, Nyiam delivers Stoner with 8 self-produced bangers that are nothing short of impressive. 8-tracks might be short to some (for an album) but it’s enough to keep you wanting more. You might be just getting familiar with Nyiam but trust he’s no stranger to the mic or the “devil’s lettuce.” I think it’s safe to call him a connoisseur of the stuff; one quick listen to “Reefer Man” or “Light Em’ Up” gives you that impression at least.

When it comes to experience, Nyiam has shared the stage with the likes of D12, Obie trice, Adam Bomb, Mayhem Morearty and Mindbender Supreme. He began making beats and writing songs at the age of thirteen, drawing early influence from lyricists such as Big L and Eminem, and from producers like Dre, MadLib and The Neptunes. He dropped his debut album, D.O.P.E., in December of 2010. You can download Nyiam’s Blemface project on iTunes. Download Stoners for free after the jump.

“Live through your speakers, it’s the Reefer Man” – Nyiam

Album: Nyiam - Stoners - - Free Download

Album: Nyiam - Stoners - - Free Download


01 – Nyiam – Stoner Hop
02 – Nyiam – Wake Up
03 – Nyiam – Reefer Man
04 – Nyiam – Devils Lettuce
05 – Nyiam – We See You
06 – Nyiam – Light Em’ Up
07 – Nyiam – Posers ft. Kzaraw
08 – Nyiam – Dirty Bong Water

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