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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Bender vs Syd Vicious (KOTD) [Video]

Los Angeles, CA – Ottawa’s Bender vs Syd Vicious of Atlanta, Georgia at the King of the Dot: Vendetta event. It was hosted by Organik, Gully TK, Lush One and Poison Pen. Watch it below and click the jump for more details.

Remember: King of the Dot’s World Domination 3: Global Supremacy goes down in Toronto from August 10th to 12th. Click here for more details about the event.

Video: Bender (Flight Distance) vs Syd Vicious (Battle) - King of the Dot -

About Bender vs Syd Vicious

Provided by King of the Dot

Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Bender is one of the most respected battle MCs his country has ever produced. A former King of the Dot champion, Bender built his reputation from the ground up, winning his first 7 battles on his way to the chain before taking his first loss to Sketch Menace. He has had high profile matches with rappers like Illmaculate, 24/7, Arcane and Arkaic and has battled both in multiple divisions of KOTD and across the pond in Britain’s Don’t Flop battle league, impressing audiences everywhere he performs.

Bender is known for his sharp lyrical style, complex metaphors and gravelly delivery. His abilities with a pen are considered among the best in the world, and the music he creates with his crew Flight Distance is critically acclaimed. His match with Syd Vicious will be the first of his career in the United States and his first in KOTD’s Fresh Coast division.

One of Georgia’s most consistent and consistently underrated performers, Syd Vicious has been dominating his scene and waiting for the chance to showcase his skills on battle rap’s biggest stage. A veteran of Grind Time who has travelled across the country taking on all comers, Syd is best know for being both the president and one of the most respected MCs of GT’s Atlanta division. His matches with Swave Sevah, Johnny Storm, John John Da Don and Soul Khan all provided Syd with the opportunity to flex his lyrical muscles. Vendetta will give him the chance to go to the next level.

A wickedly talented writer with a penchant for furiously paced multi’s and internal rhyme schemes, Syd pairs his potent bars with an energetic and aggressive delivery matched by few in the scene. His battle with Bender will be his first in front of KOTD cameras, and his second in the Fresh Coast.

Twitter: @KingOfTheDot

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