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I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]

I went to a Hedley show to watch Classified and Mike Boyd open [Review]

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Chin Injeti – The Peoples Mixtape [Review]


Vancouver, BC – Grammy-winning producer Chin Injeti has never been one to rest on his sizeable laurels; producing for A-list artists such as Eminem, Drake and the Clipse, Chin has been doing it big for Canada for a long time from his beginnings in Bass is Base till now.

Being released July 17th on Wandering Worx Music, The Peoples Mixtape brings crazy diversity to the table, showcasing Chin’s wide range and versatility as a producer. Chin calls in help from some of the biggest names in American hip-hop (David Banner, Talib Kweli and Jay Electronica) as well as several of Canada’s biggest talents (Moka Only, Maestro, SonReal and Shad plus more) and the results are better than anyone could have expected.

Review: Chin Injeti - The Peoples Mixtape -

Starting off with a choir vocal, skilled scratches by Scatch Bastid and hard-hitting drums, the track “Peoples 1″ featuring vocals by Bishop Lamont and Shad is the perfect opener, this track has everything you could want from a hip-hop track – insane production, dope lyrics and crazy cutting…after repeat listening this track still stands out as a personal favorite.

The next few tracks “Peoples 2″ featuring David Banner and “Warrior” with Jasiri X (and additional production by Rel!g!on) keep the energy high and showcase the versatility in Chin’s production, using elements of live organ and guitar in “Peoples 2″ and a more synth-based southern approach in “Warrior.” Tracks like “What am I Gonna Do Now” and “Higher Baby” featuring talented up-and-comers Omar Khan and Sopia Danai bring a more laid-back soul and R&B vibe to the project.These tracks not only showcase the talents of Chin behind the boards but also act as a perfect jumpoff for those unfamiliar with these two young rising artists from the Hastings Set.

A few songs by the New Royales featuring guest vocals by Talib Kweli and Jay Electonica keep the interest up, and demonstrate Chin’s love for a wide range of music in the forefront, with both tracks seamlessly blending a few genres into one cohesive sound. Rounded out with tracks by Zaki Ibrahim, Son Real and a Canadian hip-hop star studded closer with Moka Only, Kyprios, Maestro, Chance Infinite and Krondon, The Peoples Mixtape definitely lives up to its name as a project that will not only appeal to your average hip-hop head but to anybody who appreciates excellent music.

This mixtape is a testament to the incredible talent of Chin Injeti, and this project has shown great insight into the future of urban music as being something that will continue to draw upon various outside musical sources to call its own.

Written by Jay Edgar for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @Chin8 | @WWORX

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