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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Jessica Montoya – Pull Me Back In [Video]

St. Catharines, ON – This certainly ain’t a rap record, but the connection is the top production by rising hip-hop star Arthur McArthur (Rick Ross, Drake). This is the second Jessica Montoya record Arthur has produced that has also received visual support. The track is coming through Canadian hip-hop/urban label, Endless Records, and it was written by MC/CEO, Junior Endless. More information about Jessica after the jump link below.

Video: Jessica Montoya - Pull Me Back In (Prod. by Arthur McArthur) -

About Pull Me Back In

ST. CATHARINES–September, 6, 2012–Earlier this year, Latin singing sensation Jessica Montoya teamed up with Toronto production giant Arthur McArthur for the buzz single, “Pull Me Back In.” The pair has several collaborations to date, including “Take Control” which received video support this past February.

Earlier today, Jessica, backed by Endless Records, released the video for “Pull Me Back In,” with the unique vision and style of director Jason Matos; a fitting choice to depict the single’s complex narrative.

It’s a song that illustrates an unfortunately all-too common scenario featuring an abusive relationship that can’t seem to let the female escape. No matter what happens, in the end she’s unable to evade his dominance and she’s drawn back in. The video paints a similar story, but with the gender roles reversed.

In the video, the female character is cheating on her boyfriend, and becoming increasingly brazen about her indiscretions. Her boyfriend eventually catches the pair together but is coaxed down from his rage and drawn back into the toxic relationship.

“Pull Me Back In” is one of only a small handful of Jessica Montoya videos that have been released to date, but her fanbase is quickly rising as her viral marketing prowess strengthens. It just takes one listen, and one look to become a fan of this beautiful Colombian-Canadian talent.

Drawing from inspirations like Shakira and Selana, Jessica was enrolled in singing lessons from a very young age. By the age of 12 she added dance to a growing list of artistic talents and continues to apply her dance background in her music today. “Pull Me Back In” offers various clips of Jessica’s live shows, and heavily choreographed performance sets.

Jessica would eventually make a move to St. Catharines, Ontario for school and became acquainted with Junior Endless of Endless Records. Working with them, and along with talented producers like Arthur McArthur and Rabby Teng, Jessica is working towards the release of her official album debut.

“Pull Me Back In” has been officially released to YouTube and is available for viewing in HD at the link below.


Video: Jessica Montoya - Pull Me Back In (Prod. by Arthur McArthur) -

About Jessica Montoya

Since a young age she’s been influenced by the arts; pulling inspiration from Latin singers like Selena and Shakira, and involving herself with dance as early as five years old. Blessed with a powerful, soulful and sexy voice, Jessica Montoya has already accumulated decade’s worth of experience in live singing, dancing, acting and other performing arts.

Born the youngest of three to Columbian parents, Jessica’s family moved to Canada before she was born to seek better employment opportunities. At the tender age of four, through the influence of various artists she adored, Jessica began singing on her own, and singing all the time. She was enrolled in lessons almost immediately and her mother registered her in dance only one year later. She fell in love with the performing arts and sensed early on that she had found her calling. She would practice regularly and showcase her talent with every opportunity available. Her audience was often limited to the large family she would bring together at holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but before long her the crowds would grow. By the age of 12, Jessica joined a cheerleading club and within a couple of years she had earned the coveted spot at the front of the dance. As had always been the case, Jessica was keen to learning new things, while remaining confident of her natural talent and abilities. Her cheerleading background is still evident in the impressive choreography she incorporates into her live shows today.

She danced and cheered throughout high school and worked with an agent to book other auditions for the array of talent she’d been developing, including not only dancing and singing but also acting and modelling. But soon a year had passed and her desire to become a career performer had not faded any less, but she was being encouraged by family to continue her education. Jessica was slowly putting together a portfolio of music and even landed some gigs, but she eventually made the decision to pursue a Psychology degree at Brock University.

Ironically, it was this decision to come to St. Catharines for school that would eventually find her focus back on music — and more than it had ever been before. After connecting with local artists Zay and Junior Endless at a video shoot, Jessica was invited to join their Endless Records roster as a singer and has been pursuing her growth through their support. She started off as a reference singer for songs that Junior Endless was working on and eventually began working with him to develop her own lane.

As she was once inspired by other artists to pursue her own creative passions, Jessica aims for her music to offer the same type of inspiration:

“Its music that makes the listener feel powerful like they can really do anything,” explains the young singer. “I fit into that definition because as a new artist I also need that type of confidence while I’m putting myself out there. The motivation to keep me working hard, learning and wanting to improve comes from my own music.”

In February 2012, Jessica made waves with the release of her Arthur McArthur-produced “Take Control” single. She teamed up with Arthur once again for “Pull Me Back In” and then again in June with the release of “Loving This Feeling” (with additional production from Rabby Teng). Her experience has seasoned her as a strong vocalist and performer and she has shown she has what it takes to make an impact. Judging by the fan reactions, she’s well on her way. She now continues to release promotional singles as she works towards her official album debut. Stay tuned for the next steps to unfold.

Don’t forget to visit and follow @JesMontoya on Twitter.

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