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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Vancouver Mobilizes Hip-Hop for Peace on Sept. 15-16 (Part 1) [News]

Vancouver, BCOriginally posted September 11, 2012 – “Hip-Hop For Peace” – There are those who believe that hip-hop, as a culture entrenched in resistance, inherently carries peace. Mobilization Against War and Occupation are taking that belief to the next level: on September 15th and 16th, the 8th Annual Vancouver International Hip-Hop 4 Peace Festival returns to showcase an alliance of local and international MCs, Breakdancers, DJs, Graffiti Writers and Peace Activists. This year’s festival will once again bring the Cuban Revolutionary flavour to Vancouver with OBSESIÓN – Pioneers of Cuban hip-hop. Check out some of the local acts who are letting their commitment to peace be known for this worthy cause after the jump.

News: Vancouver Mobilizes Hip-Hop for Peace on Sept. 15-16 (Part 1) -

Tonye Aganaba - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -

Tonye Aganaba: “Since the birth of hip-hop people worldwide have sought solace in its driving rhythms and feats of magnificent wordplay. Now more than ever, it is time for us to use this incredible music to inspire, motivate and educate those around us. Art is Peace, Hip-Hop is Art.”

Attikus - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -

Attikus: “Hip-hop, though it may not always have lyrics and themes that invoke Peace, is about Peace because it brings people together from all walks, cultures and races. Hip-hop is music and music is still the universal language.”

Ndidi Cascade - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -

Ndidi Cascade: “Peace is an element of hip-hop because hip-hop as a culture and movement grew from a place where peace was much needed. It empowered young and marginalized people to call out for peace, and thus collectively they could help make it happen.”

Ill Tone - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -

Ill Tone: “Hip-hop IS peace. Hip-hop was started as an alternative to gang violence, and, in the beginning, was about bringing together communities in a positive way. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, most these dudes forgot that and now we are at a point where a lot of ‘modern hip-hop’ promotes corporate supremacy, malicious violence, greed, sexism, homophobia, and ultimately… a police state which destroys the very same communities which hip-hop was created to save.”

Fully Faded - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -

Fully Faded: “Hip-hop essentially evolved, at least partially, as a peaceful escape from a very violent situation and place. At the time the Bronx was experiencing violent turmoil from street gangs, that were in turn a response to a type of violence being inflicted on the area by money hungry developers and racist practices at the official and municipal level. Hip-hop offered a peaceful escape from that turmoil by providing creative outlets, community building and giving a voice to an ignored population so that they could bring awareness of their neighbourhoods and the talent and humanity within those ‘hoods. Why fight when you could “battle” on the mic, tables, walls or dance floors?”

Ali Dahesh - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -

Ali Dahesh: “Peace plays an important role in the elements of hip-hop. It reminds us we should all work together in order to move the culture in a positive direction. We have been faced with so much negativity in our culture that it has cost the lives of some of the greatest artists that have influenced us and it has damaged the image of what hip-hop truly stands for. We need to be wiser with our decisions in today’s society as we are faced with many challenges of being stereotyped. With peace being an element, we can pass on messages of encouragement to open the minds of people and show them that it truly is “bigger than hip-hop”. Focusing on educating our youth more in depth about the roots o hip-hop is the most important responsibilities we all carry, the term “battling” does not mean “real life war”. Peace is about having respect and compassion for one another, this can help us diminish the urge to act violent. Hip-hop is Peace, a channel of our soul!”

Estea Elements - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -

Estea Elements: “There is a universal, fundamental connection between creativity and peace that hip-hop was born from, and that hip-hop manifests currently like no other force on the planet.”

Be sure to vist the Hip-Hop 4 Peace blog for more information.

News: Vancouver Mobilizes Hip-Hop for Peace (Part 1) -

News: Vancouver Mobilizes Hip-Hop for Peace (Part 1) -

Hip-Hop 4 Peace Line-Up

Joose Justis
Attikus & GBoXX
Fatty Down
Ndidi Cascade
Tonye Aganaba
Savage Rock (Now or Never Crew)
Fully Faded
Estea Elements
JB the 1st Lady
Ali Dahesh
Babie Paul
Discreet da Chosen 1
Speeches Beyond
Ill Tone & King’s Landing
Chief Rock & Lisa Monchalin
Babaluku Free Nation
Indigo Kids


Babaluku Free Nation - Hip-Hop 4 Peace - Vancouver -
Babaluku Free Nation | Photo: RDM Photography

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