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Cam Smith – Mad Crack (Prod. RitchCraft) [Video] #SOTD

Cam Smith – Mad Crack (Prod. RitchCraft) [Video] #SOTD

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9th Illy: The 9_4 Kronicles – Character Promos (9_4, ZigZag, KamaSutra, TBD) [Video]


This week in the 9th Illy comic series, I.D. Artisan and HipHopCanada bring you 4 short promo videos of the story’s main characters. In the first 34 weeks of 9th Illy: The 9_4 Kronicles, we’ve been introduced to our 4 heroes including ZigZag, The Beat Demon, Kama Sutra and 9_4. The videos will give you a feel for what you’ve missed and what to expect.

The 7th and final chapter in the first season will go live on October 26th, stay tooned.

Video: A deeper look at the main characters of 9th Illy - The 9_4 Kronicles -

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is an ex-underground female battle rapper who got her record deal based on her worldwide fan base, pop star appeal and all around good music. She wears the Rosary Cross red gold chain and is promoting her first album.

The Beat Demon

The Beat Demon is a hip-hop beat junkie and tech genius who has a major deal as the chief producer/engineer of all the artist’s on the label. He wears the DarkScar red gold chain.


9_4 is a young rapper with a golden era sound from the street’s whose record deal is so new, the ink from his signature on the contract is still wet. He wears the Skull Head red gold chain and has just started working on his first album.


ZigZag is one of the top ranking captains in the legendary street gang The Mystic Bloods who also has major record deal. He wears the “Z” red gold chain and is three albums deep.

Welcome To My World

Look at that! We’re more 30 weeks in! If you’re new to 9th Illy: The 9_4 Kronicles, we’d like to say welcome! Click the image below to start from Chapter 1: Week 1. You’ll be caught up in no time! Generally, minus a few exceptions, you can expect a 9th Illy update every Friday. Let the 9_4 Kronicles begin!

Start from Chapter 1: Week 1

Comic: 9th Illy - The 9_4 Kronicles (Week 1) by I.D. Artisan on

Don’t forget to follow @9thIlly and @IDArtisan on Twitter.

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