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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Cashtro Crosby – No Kids, No Felonies [Album]

Ottawa, ONCashtro Crosby has come a long way, still has a way to go, but is in pretty good shape as of now as far as he’s concerned. That’s because his current state of mind is No Kids, No Felonies. Certainly not knocking anyone who may have acquired the two, Crosby’s latest release sets the stage for him to explain his mantra in a much more detailed manner, directly and indirectly.

“Basically, No Kids, No Felonies is what my moms used to tell me every day,” Crosby admitted. “That used to keep me motivated in life. She told me, “One day you’re gonna be a grown-up and you’re gonna be making your own decisions in life. If you keep ‘no kids, no felonies’ in your life by a certain age, you’ll be able to become whatever you want to be. Anything in the world you want to be, if you can try to instill it in yourself (not into others, but into yourself), and you might just become a millionaire.”

With songs like “Fidel,” “Worthy,” “Get Her Easy,” “MOG,” and “Dialogue,” Crosby makes a lane for himself that doesn’t quite mirror many others today. Staying true to himself and his story, his music is sculpted around the realities of his life, his goals, his dreams, and his motives. From his past to present, he reveals it all in a way that’s relative to all. You don’t have to be without child and without a rap sheet to be a part of No Kids, No Felonies; It’s for everyone from Pittsburgh to Canada, Cali to Japan. Download it now after the jump.

Mixtape: Cashtro Crosby - No Kids, No Felonies -

Mixtape: Cashtro Crosby - No Kids, No Felonies -



01 – No Kids No Felonies (Intro) (Prod. by Mohamed Haniff)
02 – In My Zone ft. Harvey Stripes (Prod. by Mohamed Haniff)
03 – All of the Lifes (Prod. by Vic Ns)
04 – Fidel (Prod. by Vic Ns)
05 – The Suspense ft. DL Incognito (Prod. by Mohamed Haniff)
06 – Dialouge ft. Pyrex Press (Prod. by Vic Ns)
07 – After Hours (Before Breakfast) (Prod. by Mohamed Haniff )
08 – Worthy ft. Vic Ns (Prod. by Twigg)
09 – NY Cool pt. 2 ft. City Fidela (Prod. by Half amazin)
10 – Tourtuga Time (Prod. by Skin Deep)
11 – Get Her Easy (Prod. by Big Jerm)
12 – M.O.G. (Prod. by Ocky Goodsounds)
13 – Gin On Gin ft. Billz (Prod. by Mohamed Haniff)
14 – Outro (The Finale) / Thanks y’all… (Prod. by Mohamed Haniff)
15 – BBQ’s & Liquor (Prod. by Coop & Teflon don) (Bonus)

Twitter: @Cashtro

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