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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Dynamic – If You Know Me (Acapella Performance) [Video]

Toronto, ON – Check out this acapella performance by Ottawa native Dynamic aka Ya Favourite Lightskin for his “If You Know Me” single. The track originally appeared on Dynamic’s Free Promo mixtape hosted by DJ Ducats which came out in 2008. The video was directed by Robert Mentov.

Free Promo is available for free download here on HipHopCanada. You can find the lyrics for “If You Know Me” after the jump.

Video: Dynamic - If You Know Me (Acapella Performance) -

If You Know Me (Lyrics)

If You know me, then normally, you know that I keep it popping
my ish official, so you know know for me there is no stopping,
I got a gift to, you know it’s a wrap (rap), for me, it’s talking,
don’t mean to diss you, but listen to the heat i’m dropping,
was taught a lot from the rastas, you know they teach a lot and
we got a lot of the ganja, my team is weeded often,
the rosters hotter then hotter, I know the people watching
we’ll knock you off of the top, just check the beats we rocking,
i’ll beat you rotten, your teeth and noggin, your meat will soften,
the way I kick it, I run this game, your feet are jogging,
they spit it lame, that’s why i’m always CD tossing, just ain’t the same,
as when I was a seed and crawling,
and now a days even all the geeks are flossing,
and yeah it’s strange, it’s dirty and it needs a mopping, but it won’t change,
that’s why celebrities are flopping, and when there’s fame,
it’s usually when the groupies flocking, i’m getting brains,
that’s what i’m calling coochie blocking,
can’t bring em around, because the wifey’s hoochie boxing,
disease is not an option, my pee pee needs a washing,
because it goes through
more rides, then the cheapest auction, but trust I speed with caution,
don’t want my dreams in coffins, don’t wanna die,
but if I do, i’ll meet with Cochran,just need to skeet and dog em,
bust on they cheeks and bottoms, and get em so wet it’s like they
in the sea with dolphins, my style is sick, that’s why
i’m always sneezing, coughing,enemies are jocking,
because their peeps are bobbing,i’m forty copping, these phonies
mocking, police are knocking, i’m touching more cheese, then pizza sauce,
don’t need no toppings, to me it’s awesome, the way that I write and
l keep em hopping, to them it’s shocking, I got them sobbing,
emcees are stalling, and so my path they ain’t crossing,,
they know the steez when brawling, these bitches pussy
and need a nanny, like Mary Poppins, these feens are on line so much,
I think they need to log in, just like the teens when blogging,
now all this cream from chopping, just got the streets re-stocking,
and feens going through homes for all the stealing robbing,
I call that secret shopping, I hate when trees are sopping, I got a neat concoction,
it has some weed and pot and supposed to pass it around the room
but i’m cheating hogging, don’t feel no need for swapping, unless it’s an L,
then what the hell, the weeds a bargain, I feel to kill of these kids,
because it beats adoption, i’m still as real as it is, the industry is clogging,
too many tracks that are junk, these punks just feed the problem,
so many i’m ready to lock it from OT to Harlem

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