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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Maestro performs “Black Tuxedo” at Manifesto [Video]

Toronto, ON – If you were present at the 6th Annual Manifesto a couple of weeks ago you would have caught the amazing performance by Maestro Fresh Wes. All suited up in Royal Canadian Mountie Police uniform, with two back up dancers, it was definitely a fresh idea and entertaining to see. In this video you will see an acapella performance of “Black Trudeau.” Wes then switches it up to his “Drop The Needle” classic. Take the video in, share it and let me know what you think of his performance.

Video: Maestro performs Black Trudeau at 6th Annual Manifesto -

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The Come Up Show hosts First Look Cypher at 6th Annual Manifesto

Video: Maestro performs Black Trudeau at 6th Annual Manifesto -

About The Come Up Show

By Jonathon “Bizz” Brown

The Come Up Show is a multi-media presentation of hip hop culture, broadcast online at as well as 94.9FM in London, Ontario. It’s new, it’s clear-cut, it’s authentic, it’s where that feel good music lives, real recognizes real.

Dedicated to playing the latest and greatest in Canadian hip hop and providing fresh, cutting edge programming, The Come-Up Show supports hip hop culture in various forms:

There’s the weekly radio broadcast (Saturday 6-8pm), which is later released as a podcast. Here’s where you’ll get live commentary from DJ Chedo on events and news as well as in-depth, hard hitting interviews with many local artists striving for more exposure.

We also present video interviews with some of the industry’s biggest players (Raekwon, J Cole, Melanie Fiona, Rick Ross, etc). These interviews are dynamic and anything but typical as Chedo conducts intense research and asks the questions others don’t.

All of this content is available on the, which acts as the third pillar of this multi-media operation. is now a go to blog for news, interviews and commentary on hip hop culture in Canada and abroad and houses all related content. In just a few years, The Come Up Show has become an undeniably influential programming brand. With a visionary and leader in DJ Chedo and a strong team of bloggers, videographers and photographers, the future looks bright.

This all started in 2007, when Chedo took action on his life long dream of running a radio show. Beginning his journey in the early hours of the morning (2am-6am), he worked on overcoming his nerves and organizing his content and ideas into a fluid, entertaining radio show. He’d dreamed of hosting a radio show since he arrived in Canada in 1996 and fell in love with hip hop. And soon he’d have the chance to talk to even more listeners, as The Come Up Show moved to Monday afternoons. This meant more exposure, more opportunity and more leverage. The guests started rolling in and the show’s credibility was building.

Since then, Chedo’s interviewed countless artists, developed an attractive website, secured a prime-time radio slot and built his team. No longer is this a one man operation. With dedicated bloggers, is a current, relevant destination for news and music. Several videographers and photographers from both Toronto and London keep programming clean and crisp. And Chedo continues his tireless work hosting, DJing, coordinating and researching.

It’s with genuine enthusiasm and passion that The Come Up Show presents its take on hip hop culture. We are your guide. We are your filter. We are your trusted destination for that feel good music. Whatever your specific hip hop inclination, authenticity is often the common denominator. And The Come Up Show, in all its facets is unequivocally authentic. Authentic in it’s purpose, authentic in its passion, authentic in its preparation, authentic in its presentation – The Come Up Show will help you live the culture you love.

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