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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Milli Millz – S.O.A.L. [Mixtape]

Montreal, QC – Yup, that’s right! We got you with the early leak on the new Milli Millz mixtape! S.O.A.L., or Scrapbook of a Legend, features a ton of dope original beats from various producers including Alex Lustig, Megaman, I-Notchz, SRH, Deli and more. The project bangs from start to finish and Milli’s natural charisma and wit is peppered in the whole way through, weaving the host-free mixtape nicely together.

From one project to the next, Milli never fails to take huge leaps forward with his lyrical talent and S.O.A.L. is no exception. The project is filled with epic sounding bangers that really showcase Milli’s lyrical prowess. He’s always had a healthy balance of being both outspoken and in touch with his inner dialogue. It really comes through in records like the SRH-produced “Breathe” or the I-Notchz produced “Illusions,” featuring Avery Storm. The futuristic sounding “Theraflu” really highlights the strength in his bars and edgy cadence. Zone out to the soothing sounds of “Day Before The Deal” or the sinister vibe of “Insomnia.”

Milli touches heavily on situations he’s encountered in life and brags of his pro-set grind that embarrasses his competition. It’s a good combination of songs that will make you think, and then get you out of your seat.

Overall, S.O.A.L. shows that Milli is a force to be reckoned with and it solidifies his spot amongst the ranks of Montreal’s top MCs. All that being said, and knowing it’s free, how could you not download it? You can find the link after the jump.

Mixtape: Milli Millz - S.O.A.L. - Scrapbook of a Legend -


01 – Victory Lap
02 – Burn It Down
03 – The Bridge ft. KT
04 – Kevin Garnett / Inspiration
05 – Insomnia
06 – Theraflu
07 – Praise The Lord
08 – Hands on the Wheel
09 – Day Before The Deal (Interlude)
10 – In These Reeboks
11 – Large On The Streets
12 – Illusions ft. Avery Storm
13 – Breathe
14 – Hello ft. Noah Maze
15 – Bad Chick ft. Treh Lamonte
16 – Hellajuha
17 – Justification
18 – City (Bonus)

Twitter: @MilliMoet

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    Milli is dope as hell.looking forward to this one

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