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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Selekwa releases Top My Game EP on iTunes; new single with Choclair [News]

Ottawa, ON – Don’t miss the debut EP from Ravish Entertainment artist Selekwa. Top My Game EP features 8 original tracks and is available on iTunes now. The artwork photography is credited to Amber Williams.

You’ll be hearing a lot from Selekwa in the next few months so stay tuned. He just dropped a new single called “Mad Hatter” featuring Choclair. You can check that out here.


News: Ottawa's Selekwa drops Top My Game EP on iTunes -

News: Ottawa's Selekwa drops Top My Game EP on iTunes -

About Selekwa

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Selekwa was born in Ottawa Ontario but raised by his single mother just across the Ottawa River in Gatineau Quebec and is the youngest of five children. He grew up in a very loving family, however; even at the best of times Selekwa and his family faced many hardships and adversaries. His background roots extend from French Canadian and African (Tanzania). As a youngster, he was often told that the
name his mother chose for him, Joseph Benac, had a higher purpose while his father’s side of the family called him “Selekwa Mtebe”, or “Treasured Child”, which most certainly describes this truly gifted and talented artist.

Selekwa’s unique sound has been described as natural, soft, raw and raspy, which easily captivates and spell bounds his audience. His urban / hip-hop style is fresh and original. “Anyone can rap” says Selekwa, “but not everyone can make music and that’s where I come in”. Selekwa has a natural ability to write music that allows him to connect with his emotions, thoughts and feelings. However, it is the distinctive way he delivers his music that captivates his listeners and enables him to easily connect with them. Selekwa sees music as an integral element of existence but also notes its importance of communication as well as entertainment. Through his music, Selekwa opens one’s mind up to purity of feeling as well as uncompromising ideas.

Growing up, Selekwa listened to different genres of music, however; he was fascinated by and drawn to hip-hop. At the young age of 12 he began writing poetry. His friends and family told him he had a natural gift and was very talented. This encouraged him to begin writing lyrics and music, which in turn allowed him to perform in front of his peers. “Every day I was out there rappin’ for fun, cash and battles… any time, any place and for any reason. I was down and lovin’ every moment”. His ability to write lyrics and music gave Selekwa the opportunity to paint vivid pictures with his spoken words and it gave him the chance to tell his story spread his message and connect with people on a completely different level. Right from the start, Selekwa realized he had a true passion and love for music.

Over the years Selekwa continued to master his skills as a hip-hop artist by joining forces with local artists, releasing multiple mixed tapes and by performing at numerous venues and festivals throughout Ontario and Quebec. Despite Selekwa’s success in the underground hip-hop scene, he longed to do more and to go even further with his music. In 2010 he signed with independent record label Ravish Entertainment and began working with Manager / Producer Knuckz on his debut solo project. Soon after they teamed up, Selekwa and Knuckz released Selekwa’s first single “Make You Mine”, which caught the attention of one of Canada’s leading commercial top 40 radio stations, Hot 89.9 where the song debuted and became a “battle of the beats champion”. Subsequently it was played on different Canadian University radio stations, which landed Selekwa a nomination for New Urban Single at the New Music Awards in Barrie Ontario, while selling over 1100 registered units (under his previous stage name Cursed).

In 2011 Selekwa was one of 12 artists out of hundreds of applicants who were selected to showcase their talent at the 2011 COCA Central Regional Conference in Oakville Ontario. Moreover, in December 2011 Selekwa was awarded his first Much Music video grant for his single “We Can Get Around” featuring Half Life recording artist J-Bru. The video was released in March 2012 to Much Music and gained rotation across Canada on Much Vibe. In April 2012 Selekwa was again selected out of hundreds of artists to showcase at the 2012 COCA National Conference, which was held in June in Montreal. Selekwa performed his latest single “Mad Hatter” with Juno Award Winner Choclair at the conference and received an outstanding response. Showcasing at COCA National has opened doors of opportunity for Selekwa, as this will give him the chance in the following months to start touring across Canada on the University and College circuit and bring him much awareness and undoubtedly great popularity.

Since having teamed up with Ravish Entertainment, Selekwa has achieved great success in a very short period of time, despite the fact that he had yet to release his debut album. His singles alone have allowed him to break into the Canadian music industry at a National level. His highly anticipated debut album “Top My Game” was released October 10th, 2012 on iTunes. Hot on the heels of “Top My Game” will come Selekwa’s sophomore album, which he is currently in the studio recording. His 2nd album will feature some well-known Canadian artists and is sure to get a lot of attention.

Due to his continuous hard work, dedication and perseverance Selekwa is starting to gain noticeable recognition in the Canadian music industry. By giving him the opportunity to be heard on a National and International level, it is evident that Selekwa will achieve even greater success. This extremely talented, young, new up and coming urban / hip-hop artist will surely break the mold and continue to exceed expectations. Selekwa has a bright and promising future ahead; he is eager and ready to take on the world with his music.

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