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ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

ATL-based Canadian rapper DruggOfChoice drops new visuals for “DRUGS-123”

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A$AP Rocky’s Toronto tour stop cancelled for second time due to bomb threat [News]

Toronto, ON – Well, it looks like A$AP Rocky is having a string of bad luck performing in Toronto. Monday night was supposed to be the rescheduled show for the LongLiveA$AP tour that was cancelled in October because of problems A$AP Rocky and company had crossing the Canadian border. However, to the annoyance of many fans and the A$AP camp, the second show was shutdown even before the doors opened due to a reported bomb threat. Read the rest of the story after the jump.

News: A$AP Rocky's LongLiveA$AP Tour Rescheduled for November 19th -

It was close to 8:45 p.m. (doors opened at 8) when I arrived at Sound Academy. As I got closer to Polson Street I saw a large crowd standing at the edge of the street and a few police vehicles blocking the entrance to the street. My first thought was that maybe a fight broke out, but after I spoke to several people, they all said the same thing, “I heard there was a bomb threat.” A police officer informed me that this was in fact true and told me that the show had not been officially cancelled, but, “it doesn’t look good.”

I waited around for another hour, checking Twitter every 5 minutes for updates, until I eventually saw a tweet from Union Events that informed fans the show was being postponed due to safety concerns. CP24 also reported via Twitter that Sound Academy had been evacuated after someone called in a bomb threat and that police were searching the venue, but nothing had been located.

Shortly after the show was officially axed, A$AP Rocky took to Twitter and posted a series of updates expressing his high level of annoyance. Rocky was rightfully pissed and tweeted about the effort that was put in to get across the border. He also put a call out for some “loud” and “lean”.

It’s unclear if there was an actual bomb, but either way this sort of situation has to be taken seriously. As much as I wanted to see the A$AP crew perform, public safety should always be a top priority. There were some speculations that the show was going to be rescheduled, but Union Events has reported that it won’t be.

At this point, we’re all left wondering why something like this even happens? And also if the A$AP crew is now so discouraged that they won’t even bother attempting to a book a third show in Toronto? Or, does this whole situation fuel them even more to make sure that a new show actually happens? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds.

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