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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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HipHopCanada announces changes to Editorial team [News]

Ottawa, ON – In a week full of big announcements we are also excited to reveal some big changes to the HipHopCanada Editorial Team. Four existing team members have shifted into new key roles that will strengthen our ability to offer national coverage. And while we’re extremely happy with growth, there is room for improvement and especially on the East coast. We will be launching a campaign in the near future to bring in more contributors across the country, but Atlantic Canada is our current focus. As such, along with announcing the new appointments, we’re officially kicking off a campaign to build our Atlantic team.

As for the current team changes: Amalia Judith, KassKills, Christina Parihar and Natasha Paolini have all taken on new roles. Click the jump for full details.

News: HipHopCanada announces changes to Editorial team -

Editorial Team Changes

Amalia Judith, Executive Editor

Vancouver, BC | E-mail | Twitter: @AmailiaJude

Amalia Judith joins head office and becomes HipHopCanada’s Executive Editor, after serving the past few years as the website’s West Coast Editor. She’ll be working directly with the site’s Editor-In-Chief on a large variety of ‘topics’ that apply to the company and website on a national level. One first major order of business is bringing in an Atlantic Editor to ensure that all 4 regions are equally represented.

Amalia Judith was born in Winnipeg, MB and was quickly whisked away to a childhood of travel throughout California, England, Germany and predominantly Pakistan. In 2006, she completed an honor’s degree in English Literature, which left her quite jobless and alone in East Vancouver. Amalia cut her teeth at, Canada’s darkest counter-culture magazine, moving on to contribute words and flicks to HipHopCanada: she became our first West Coast / Western Canada Editor and has now taken on the role of Executive Editor. Amalia has had the privilege to interview hip-hop icons like Lil’ Kim, Drake, Dead Prez, Big Boi, Pharrell Williams and half of Wu-Tang. Amalia also works as a Key Worker educator and advocate for families affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, as well as heading up Team Heartbreak, a media production company that pairs community involvement and artistic movements. She’d love to write you the best bio you’ve ever had or develop your branding strategy – for more info.

News: HipHopCanada announces changes to Editorial team; campaign to find Atlantic Regional Editor -

Natasha Paolini, Central Canada Regional Editor

Toronto, ON | E-mail | Twitter: @_NatashaWrites

Natasha Paolini becomes HipHopCanada’s new Central Canada Editor, covering cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and the rest of Ontario/Quebec. Natasha brings a great bank of knowledge of Canadian hip-hop and has supported the local scene for years. Natasha will be implementing a larger focus on event coverage, mimicking the live reviews offered by our West Coast team. If you’re interested in joining the Central Canada team, e-mail

Natasha was born and raised in Toronto. She graduated from York University almost 2 years ago and since then has co-founded a youth led, social enterprise called The Next Edition which uses media and art to engage youth with their community. For the past year and a half she has been working with young aspiring artists who are looking for a way to showcase their skills and have their voice heard. With juggling weekly meetings, managing a website, and planning events for hundreds of people Natasha takes refuge in urban music. Researching and knowing the latest headlines, and newest tracks is something that she loves. But more importantly for her hip-hop is a lot more than just a genre of music, it is a culture and it has shaped who she is today. Finding a way to combine her passion for music, the knowledge she has gained from working with young people, and the issues she has seen in the community is a goal Natasha would like to achieve in the near future. Recently, Natasha has been doing PR work for Canadian rappers and DJs.

News: HipHopCanada announces changes to Editorial team; campaign to find Atlantic Regional Editor -
Natasha (Right) and a friend

KassKills, West Coast Regional Editor

Vancouver, BC | E-mail | Twitter: @KassKills

KassKills has become HipHopCanada’s new West Coast Editor after doing an incredible job as a contributor for well over a year. Kass has worked closely with Amalia as part of HipHopCanada’s Team Heartbreak duo and has been a driving force of our coverage of the scene. Kass has conducted some of our more memorable interviews and will continue to play a hands on role with our coverage. If you’re interested in joining the West Coast team, e-mail

Born in Ontario but raised on the West coast, Kass is currently located in the wonderfully diverse East side of Vancouver. With a passion for all things creative KassKills is a hair stylist by day and HipHopCanada’s West Coast Regional Editor by night. Along with that she takes on the role of stylist and social network sweetheart to her media production company, Team Heartbreak as well as occasional writer for Abort Magazine. Throughout her journey she has had the opportunity to interview and photograph some amazing artists including Sheek Louch, Noreaga, Black Milk, Kool Keith and JD Era.

News: HipHopCanada announces changes to Editorial team; campaign to find Atlantic Regional Editor -

Christina Parihar, Canadian Prairies Regional Editor

Toronto, ON | E-mail | Twitter: @CParihar

Christina Parihar has been actively promoting Canadian hip-hop for quite some time now and has amassed quite the network across Canada. She’s recently lived in both Vancouver and Toronto and has been contributing to both the West Coast and Central Canada content flow. Christina has now taken on the role of Prairies Regional Editor, covering Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Aside from an overall increase in Prairies-based content, Christina will be focusing on expanding the team and implementing strong representation across the Prairies provinces.

A full biography for Christina will be added in the near future. Christina hails from Coquitlam, BC and currently resides between Toronto and Vancouver. If you’re interested in joining the Canadian Prairies team, e-mail

News: HipHopCanada announces changes to Editorial team; campaign to find Atlantic Regional Editor -

Twitter: @HipHopCanada | @AmaliaJude | @_NatashaWrites | @KassKills | @CParihar

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