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Cam Smith – Mad Crack (Prod. RitchCraft) [Video] #SOTD

Cam Smith – Mad Crack (Prod. RitchCraft) [Video] #SOTD

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People Under The Stairs get it poppin’ in Vancity [Review]


Vancouver, BC – Thursday is the new Friday at Fortune Sound Club especially when Timbre’s bringing the talent. With the ever-acclaimed People Under the Stairs drawing a colossal crowd for their first time in Vancouver in 7 years and they had no problem selling out the show. As PUTS got onstage to double check their sound set-up the crowd was already going ballistic before the lights had even been flicked on. Thes One began by hollering into the mic “Welcome to the highlighter tour! Double K what chu wanna saying?” Double K responded by throwing his glass in the air, cheers-ing the audience and chugging rum. The cliché is true; actions do speak louder than words… at least when downing rum.

People Under The Stairs get it poppin' in Vancity [Review] -

They began this more than memorable night with “Selfish Destruction” and finishing the song with Double K screaming “Vancouver what the fuck! Seven years since we’ve been here.” He time travelled the crowd back to the 70’s by firing into “Trippin’ At The Disco” and saying “We came here to get large tonight. It looks like they all trippin’ tonight.”

Double K rocked some flavalicious swag reppin’ Flava Flav’s clock necklace and coming out to battle hard like a true king. While he beat boxed, Thes One threw down slick freestyles like a smooth operator. Finishing the freestyle off by yelling “We gonna blow your mind! We’re not a big deal. We ain’t bout shit other than drinking beer and smoking weed. ” Thes One hopped on the speakers chugged beer at the screaming crowd and fired into “Highlighter.”

Double K got the crowd pump with his words “I like Barack Obama. You wanna know why? That man drinks beer. I don’t care about you religion, sexual preferences, politics, just drink a beer with me. If you don’t drink beer…” The crowd roared back “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!” Double K dropped the grimiest beats, blasting the crowd like a nuclear level bomb. Thes One put on a ridiculous Jamaican accent saying, “Yes yes yes mang. Make some noise for a DJ not starring at a computer.”

Next up was “Acid Raindrops” -  a kush classic that created a hazy smoke-filled Soundclub. Thes One spun the mic stand towards the audience to sing their favorite song. PUTS got the lights low to set the mood and turn on the crowd for “San Francisco Knights.” The crowd was thoroughly seduced as six dimes jumped onstage to grind to the erotic beat. The crowd interaction, Double K’s bomb-like beats, Thes One’s ability to freestyle and hype of the crowd made this show one that it only a legend could top.

Written By Nicola Storey for HipHopCanada @ShortStorey
Photos by Carl Hermansen for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @PUTS

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