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IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]

IV League Studios Booth Sessions Episode 2 ft. Rude Dowg, Baseline & J-Bru [Video]

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Ray Gill – The Most Hated Mixtape [Review]


Vancouver, BC – Welcome to Ray Gill and his newest release The Most Hated Mixtape. Ray Gill is making strides in Vancouver’s hip-hop scene bringing his unique Indian flare and culture to his music. This is Ray Gill’s second mix tape and it sets a tone like most West Coast parties – inviting you to smoke a blunt to it. The entrance into the album starts with “vibe with me, smoke with me, relax” out greening Kermit the Frog with his love for kush.

Review: Ray Gill – The Most Hated Mixtape -

A true modern day hippie Gill reps his Indian roots creating a unique spin to his sound. Seemingly inspired by Wreck Beach (a nude, ganja friendly beach) with his words “modern day hippies on the beach sippin’ rum in the sand.”

While his beats are too hard to match his flux, monsieur Gill is still working on his swag-tastic flow and his rhymes are ever improving compared to his first mix tape The End. Though Gill’s awkward accent leaves us with a choppy flow, his endearing childhood charm and clever rhymes make up for. At it’s most masterful, his flow comes out shining in “True Love”, a song featuring Shivangi and Rasta Mike. This is a song to groove to that isn’t as forced as the rest of the album and where he really highlights his unique Indian flare.

Now grab your Yoga mats and coconut water for this next rhyme because Ray Gill rocks out while “sippin’ organic juice.” In classic Vancouver fashion, Ray Gill is taking organic rhymes to a whole other level, locating himself in Vancouver’s go raw or go home culture. Meshing his cultural roots with a hip-hop flow, Ray Gill has a leg up with his unique style and determination but still has a long way to come. Can’t wait to see how this cat will continue to progress. Download his mixtape for free here.


Written by Nicola Storey for HipHopCanada @shortStorey

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