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Jay Mayne – Harold’s [Audio]

Jay Mayne – Harold’s [Audio]

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Mix Master Mike in Vancouver (Live) [Review/Photos]


Vancouver, BC – Twisted Productions got twisted on Saturday night bringing Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys to Five Sixty. This three time DMC World Champion found his passion scratching as a youth and hasn’t quit since. After his pumped up set, DJ Physik announced Mix Master into the building – “Get ready Vancouver for the recently inducted into rock and roll hall of fame, MIX MASTER MIKE!!!!”

 Mix Master Mike

With Mix Master Mike’s Willy Wonka styled black and white vinyl, he started the night with the classic “California Love” by Dr Dre. Getting the audience decimating the dance floor Mix Master Mike shouted “You in the house Vancouver?” The backdrop for the show was a wall of monitors split between Mix Master Mike’s live turntables and a galore of visuals, everything from zombie dinosaurs to cartoon visuals to a twenty-eyed goat. Mix Master Mike left everyone reminiscing of the Beastie Boys with “Three MC’s and One DJ” repeating the truthful lyrics “Cause nobody can do it like Mix Master Mike can” while the monitors played the music video.

His beats will fuck yer face off; Mix Master Mike was playing “Super Disco Breakin’” then rolling into “Jump Around” before anyone’s brain could even process the pulsating beats. “We are in for some crazy shit tonight,” was Mix Master Mike’s dictum of the night as he signaled at a naked girl on the monitors. MMM transitioned between songs at the speed of light, rockin’ dubstep then calling for everyone to “Throw your middle fingers up” as an angry mouth flashed on the monitors and he transitioned into “Drop it Like It’s Hot.”

Twisting his hat as fast as the vinyl, MMM mixed “Intergalactic” with “Party Up in Here” before hustling into “Everyday I’m Hustlin’.” Throwing the Illuminati sign on the monitor and scratching with H.O.V.A.’s “Public Service Announcement”, MMM smoothly transitioned into “Sabotage.” With a conspiracy theory theme, MMM jockeyed his disc into some space level beats while crop ring visuals flashed on the monitors. With another ode to the unknown MMM called for “2012 let’s go” leaving the room in a state of secrecy before the beat metamorphisized into “Paper Planes.”

Mix Master Mike spun masterfully handed beats with his speedy touch, practically arousing the vinyl he was spinning. Not many DJs in this digital era spin on classic ole’ skool vinyl but this Lord of Vinyl should no longer be called a Beastie Boy rather a Beastie King.

Written by Nicola Storey @shortStorey for HipHopCanada

Photography by Jamie Sands @jsandsphoto for HipHopCanada

Mix Master Mike

Mix Master Mike

Mix Master Mike

Mix Master Mike


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