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Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

Classified’s 2013 self-titled album is now certified Platinum in Canada

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Deuce Fantastick – Fantastic For A Reason [Review]

Edmonton, AB – Fantastic for a Reason by Deuce Fantastick is titled rather self-evidently. The Edmonton rapper is one part of the Canadian duo Peep Game and recently grasped our attention with his single “Put Your Hood Up”.  With no intention of slowing down we expect big things from this motivated rapper with a vision.

Deuce Fantastick

The album avoids the inclination to sound generic because Deuce’s “in your face” flow sets him apart from most Canadian rappers, but songs like “Work It” take their place as yet another song about “bad bitches, grindin’ from 9 to 5, and money.”  But that all takes the back seat for a minute during “Say Hello” and “Feel the Heat”, where Deuce tones down with lyrics that produce substance and a laid-back feel; continuously strong vibes and bangin’ beats keep you hooked early on in the album.

Tracks like “Bars,” along with much of the entirety of the album, definitely produce a consistently sick flow, although the album also delivers more conventional tracks such as “Magic” ft. The Outlawz, and “Speakers Boom” ft. Yak Dollaz.

Deuce collaborates with a variety of artists broadcasting a range of styles. Catchy hooks provide a steady delivery that keeps you listening; however in terms of albums with a message, this is not necessarily in that category and can feel repetitive at times. However, the wide variety of collaborations infuse many facets of both his and his peers’ skills, and there’s no denying that Deuce is talented.

The aspiring artist has a systematic way of pairing his words with his passion for music, and deriving a new twist in his beats and captivating hooks. Overall, the album’s produced with an impeccable sound and by the end you’re left wanting more.

Written by Tiffany Jaeger for HipHopCanada

Twitter | @DeuceFantastick

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