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Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

Dope Piece releases two-part video for “Come Up” & “Catchin’

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Jasiri X – Ascension [Audio]

Pittsburgh, PA – Every once in a while, the hip-hop industry gets graced with an emcee who not only understands the impact of his words, but decides to use that power to be socially responsible. Steel City native Jasiri X (@Jasiri_X) raised awareness last year with his tribute track “Travyon” and is now ready to release his latest album, Ascension. Produced entirely by Rel!g!on, the album will hit iTunes and all other digital retailers on March 26th this year. Check out the title track below.

Jasiri X - Ascension [Audio] -

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  1. Priest

    Big ups to that home boy Jasiri, and it’s definitely nice to see conscious hip hop artists get more exposure in an era of being force fed the dummy down

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