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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Mischif produces 3 albums in 2012 [Article]

Laura Jean Grant of the Cape Breton Post interviews local artist Sandy MacEachern aka Mischif, to discuss the 3 albums he released in 2012 and his plans for the new year.

Cape Breton, NS – Sandy MacEachern has been in creative overdrive for the last year. The Cape Breton hip-hop artist, who performs under the name Mischif, produced an impressive three albums of all-original material in 2012.

“I’m making a lot of music. I’ve been going at it and very busy. I was just feeling very creative throughout this year,” said MacEachern.

First up this past spring was the album, “Supernova,” followed up just a few months later by a concept album of songs inspired by the popular TV show “Breaking Bad.”

“I started doing some songs about the show and I decided I would just keep going with them and do a full concept album about ‘Breaking Bad,’” he explained. “I did an individual track for each season of the show thus far and I did it through the character of Walter White, the main character, and then the rest of the album is from different characters from the show, from their perspective.”

Article: Mischif produces 3 albums in 2012 -

Obviously geared to fans of “Breaking Bad,” MacEachern said the album has generated lots of feedback from people around the globe who have found the music online.

MacEachern closed out the year by recording a third album of original material titled “Listen to the Ghost in the Machine,” released in November. It’s the seventh album of his career.

An independent artist with no label support, MacEachern said he decided early on this year that he would let people access his new material for free.

“Unlike previous albums where I got the hard copies pressed up and sold, I just wanted to make it free and so I put it online and I just continually kept posting the link to download it,” he said. “As quickly as I’m making it, I want people to have access to it.”

And that approach, according to MacEachern, has made his music more visible to more people.

“I find that this year a lot of my songs, because of the Internet, have been getting a lot more recognition outside of not only Cape Breton and Nova Scotia, but outside of Canada.”

A two-time East Coast Music Award nominee, MacEachern was nominated in 2009 in the rap/hip-hop single track recording of the year for his song “The Motto,” and the following year he was nominated in the same category for his track “C.B. Summer.” MacEachern said he has submitted the title track from “Super Nova” for ECMA consideration this year.

Mischif released his debut album “Deviant Therapy” in 2006 and has shared the stage with a long list of hip-hop acts over the years, including Matty Mac, Mista Mack, Marc Cee, Initial, Classified, Fresh, Jay Bizzy, Mic Boyd, J-Bru, Fax 4, DJ IV, Jofo, Big Fella, Microphone Jones, Jesse Dangerously and Ghettosocks.

MacEachern, a resident of Reserve Mines, said he will be moving to Korea in March to take a teaching position, but may release one more album in early 2013 before he leaves the island.

Source: Cape Breton Post
By: Laura Jean Grant, Cape Breton Post

About Mischif

Via Facebook

Mischif was born and raised in Cape Breton in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. After listening to Hip Hop, and being a huge fan of all music his whole life, he began recording tracks of his own 2002. After several years of perfecting his art, he independently released his debut album, Deviant Therapy, in 2006. The album was well received across Nova Scotia. That same year, Mischif also released a group album with several other Cape Breton hip hop artists(Nokes, Lips, Rez), under the title Cape Breton Liberation Army. Over the next year, Mischif and the other members of C.B.L.A. celebrated the rise of the C.B. hip hop scene by playing several shows a month around the Sydney, North Sydney and Glace Bay area. Over the next few years he shared the stage with acts such as Classified, Ghettosocks, Shiny Toy Guns, and Sean Kingston.

In 2008, Mischif released his sophomore effort, The Prixtape, which contained the track “The Motto”. The Motto earned him an East Coast Music Award nomination, making him the first Cape Breton artist to ever do so. That same year he released a digital EP along with the other members of C.B.L.A., this time under the Sick Kookies banner.

2009 saw the release of III, Mischif’s third solo album which earned him not one but two E.C.M.A. nomination for the songs C.B. Summer and Gone with the Breeze featuring Mr. Mack. C.B. Summer received regular airplay over the next few summers from Cape Breton’s The Giant radio station.

Mischif was fortunate enough to share to the stage with one of his idols in the Summer of 2010 when he opened up for Snoop Dogg. Early 2011 saw the release of his collaboration EP with New Brunswick beat maker Hotbox, Daily Operation.

2012 saw the release of Supernova, and will see the concept album, Breaking Bad, as well as ME? and group album Hoverboard with Mr. Mack, Affect, and Maxwell.

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