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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Next MuchFACT deadline is Jan. 10 – Act Now! [News]

CANADA – Attention all artists, record labels and anyone else releasing music. The next MuchFACT deadline is Thursday, January 10th at 11:59 p.m. EST. Click here for a list of MuchFACT and PromoFACT winners from the December 6th and 7th jury meeting. MuchFACT (A Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) announced a total of 55 winners in 4 different categories including Music Videos, Viral Videos, EPK and Websites. This is a great opportunity to push your career forward so take advantage!

Click here to apply online.

News: Next MuchFACT deadline is Jan. 10 - Act Now! -


What’s the maximum I can be awarded for each of the grants?
The Video grant awards up to $25,000.00, and Viral Video, EPK and Web grants award up to $3,500.00.

Is MuchFACT the same as FACTOR? Is it the same as MuchMusic?
No. Even though we have a similar name to FACTOR, MuchFACT is a privatized non-profit organization. We are exclusively funded by MuchMusic and MuchMore.

How many applications do you receive each deadline?
On average, 350 applications for all 4 programs (Video, Viral Video, Web and EPK).

How long from the submission deadline does it take to get results?
And how are applicants notified? We announce the successful applicants for each round, approximately 4-5 weeks from the submission deadline. The results are posted on our website’s News section. As well, successful applicants will be notified in writing.

Is there a sales requirement to be eligible for funding?
There are no sales requirements for eligibility to any of our grant programs.

What is the difference between the Video and the Viral Video grant?
The Video grant is for a big-budget music video intended for televised broadcast, and the Viral Video grant is for a smaller-budget project intended for innovative online promotion (music videos, interactive videos, in-studio/behind-the-scenes material, etc.).

For more questions check out the official MuchFACT FAQ page by clicking here.

About MuchFACT

MuchFACT (A Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) is the groundbreaking music video, EPK, viral video and website production fund, exclusively funded by MuchMusic and MuchMore, divisions of Bell Media. Established in 1984 to increase the number of quality music videos produced in Canada. It was also concurrent with the launch of MuchMusic which committed a percentage of its gross annual revenues to stimulate music video production. MusiquePlus became a sponsor when it launched in 1986, as did MuchMoreMusic in 1998. This also marked the creation of PromoFACT, an electronic press kit and website production fund for Canadian artists, independent record labels and artist management companies. Originally named VideoFACT, the organization changed its name to MuchFACT in September, 2009. Along with the name change, the PromoFACT program expanded to include digital music videos and other music-related content intended for digital distribution.

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