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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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R.I.S.E Poetry: Valentine’s Day Special on February 11th [News]

Toronto, ON – The first time I was invited to a R.I.S.E Poetry (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere) show I had no idea what to expect, but I had been told that it would be a positive experience and, it was exactly that plus much more. The amount of immense talent in such a tiny room was unbelievable, but I was very impressed that it worked so well. You would think that there would be wait times in between performers, but the transitions were seamless and fluid. Another thing that stood out was the audience engagement, they were so cooperative and encouraging. In it’s entirety R.I.S.E Poetry is one of the most beautiful movements to ever emerge from Toronto (that I’ve witnessed at least). Since that day I’ve made a point to spread the word about R.I.S.E to as many people as I possibly can.

R.I.S.E Poetry was founded by Randell Adjei and it takes place every Monday night from 6:30 to 9:00pm at 670 Progress Ave, Suite 14 in Scarborough. But this coming Monday they are switching things up for their Valentine’s Day Special. The new venue (for this time only) will be Lula Lounge, located at 1585 Dundas Street West. There will be a ton of performances, including Canadian spoken word sensation Dwayne Morgan, David Delisca, Emoticon Dawn, Moe the Violinist & special guest performer, Vanessa Lu & Shadrack Jackman, Unbuttoned, Plaitwrights, Xolisa Jerome & Keyz Blaque, Britta B, Stacey Asiedu, Sydanie, Whitney Messam and John River.

Check out the flyer after the jump for more information and to learn/see more about R.I.S.E.

News: R.I.S.E Poetry: Valentine's Day Special on February 11th -

News: R.I.S.E Poetry: Valentine's Day Special on February 11th -

News: R.I.S.E Poetry: Valentine's Day Special on February 11th -

About R.I.S.E Poetry

“Our Purpose is to Inspire, Educate & Entertain. We call it Inspirational Edutainment.
 We are a youth Run, student organization who is turning the GTA community struggles into inspiration. 
Every Monday night we host open mic events that feature local conscious singers, rappers, spoken word artists, poets & lyricists from all backgrounds. We are artivists, meaning we are social activists that use our art to activate the minds of those who need a spiritual awakening. Our mission every Monday is simply encouraging others to live to inspire Others, reminding them every week how beautiful they are. The word beautiful means; be-you-to-fulfill or be-you-to-the-fullest, we remind youth the importance of being themselves and living righteously.
 Growing up in the Malvern community located in Scarborough Ontario we have seen friends who were murdered, shot, stabbed, robbed at gun point & Imprisoned. Our community has fallen into cracks & we are here to revitalize the streets. We are breaking the cycle!


“Our group consists of 4 core members with hundreds of supporters.
 What our organization provides is a platform/stage for local artists to express themselves by using their struggles to inspire others. Turning their down falls into words that lift others up. We began with 23 people our first session on April 16th 2012 and we are now safely sheltering in over 90-100+ participants every week.”

“We also facilitate workshops in a Scarborough Resource Center where we teach youth

 different forms & styles of writing poetry, how to use literary devices effectively

, the importance of reading & writing and 

the art of public speaking.”

“Our mission is simply to educate and build community. Education is key, we’ve spoken at local schools, festivals, events, meetings and many people are inspired by what we do, they are so moved some have begun their own. Others continue to attend and support our movement.
We’re helping Youth find their purpose. The beauty of it all is the idea was to bring youth in, but we have people of all ages attending our shows weekly for inspiration.”

Visit their YouTube Channel to watch past R.I.S.E shows.

Twitter: @RisePoetry

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