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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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CBC’s The 25 Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever [Article]

Toronto, ON – Ever wondered who Canada’s best rapper was? The answer is really a matter of opinion, but the debate will continue until that last MC hangs up their mic… and long after that. Now CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has taken a stab at finding an answer by polling industry heads and artists around the country. We present you with CBC’s 25 Greatest Rappers Ever. Here’s how they break it down (you can find the list of 25 MCs after the jump):

Who is Canada’s best rapper? The answer is completely subjective, obviously, but it’s a good one to ask, especially in a genre that is known for its lists. From the best MCs to the best albums to the best producers, hip-hop fans love to rank.

But what about the best in Canada? It’s not something that’s asked enough, so we thought we’d give it a try. Promising anonymity, we asked a number of industry people from across the country, including journalists (whether or not they’ve written for CBC Music), as well as the rappers themselves. For the record, none of them named themselves.

CBC's The 25 Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever [Article] -

CBC’s 25 Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever

25. Joey Stylez
24. Ghettosocks
23. Eternia
22. JD Era
21. Ian Kamau
20. Reema Major
19. Red1 (Rascalz)
18. King Lou (Dream Warriors)
17. Infinite
16. Rich Kidd
15. Adam Bomb
14. Choclair
13. Buck 65
12. Moka Only
11. K’naan
10. Michie Mee
09. Cadence Weapon
08. D-Sisive
07. Saukrates
06. Classified
05. k-os
04. Drake
03. Kardinal Offishall
02. Shad
01. Maestro Fresh Wes

The Greatest Ever: Maestro Fresh Wes

“Hands down, the undisputed godfather of Canadian hip-hop. Forget that Maestro was the first Canadian rapper to break out with a Top 40 hit in “Let Your Backbone Slide” way back in ’89; he continues to put out great work today. And when most rappers are sampling old soul and funk, Maestro keeps it fresh by taking Cancon standards like the Guess Who’s “These Eyes” and Blue Rodeo’s “Try” and breathes new life into them. His 2012 EP, Black Tuxedo, is nominated for a Juno, and we can’t wait to hear his upcoming full-length, Orchestrated Noise.”

Source: CBC

CBC’s presentation of the list provides a bit of biographical info on each of the artists selected. You can find it here.

CBC's The 25 Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever [Article] -



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  1. WTF

    No list of canadian rap starts without Madchild from Swollen Members. The only one affiliated with the Rock Steady Crew. Multiple Juno nominee. Winning KOTD battle rapper. And Prevail is way better than 75% of your list! Weak. Drake is #4 that is an emarassment

  2. Joey D

    A-Game should be on this list what’s going on here really? Drizzy 4th too really? Who made this list? Stick to the news and shit CBC! Stay far away from rap/hip-hop!

    Thank you!

  3. Marcus

    Where the hell is Ramsay Almighty or A-GAME?! CBC this is an embarrassment !

  4. wtf is right

    how does madchild or prevail not make the cut? shame on cbc

  5. Natasha

    Quake Matthews should be featured on this list. Without him it is irrelevant to me.

  6. @HipHopCanada

    Did CBC get it right? Are there names missing from the list? Let us know what you think!

  7. Duff

    Admiral Crumple is one of Toronto’s greatest emcees lol runnin tings!

  8. BAXWAR!!

    SWOLLEN!!! madchild and prev 1 lets get real!! should be on that list

  9. Jamie

    WTF this list sucks !! havent even heard of half these people, madchild and prevail should definately be on there.

  10. Dany paradis

    This list is shit and pure garbage. MAD CHILD is the best canadian rapper . Why the fuck is he not on the list . 90% of the rappers on the list are nobodys

  11. Benny B.

    Drake #4? Please. I’m not even a Drizzy fan but that dude should be #1. And behind Kardinal? Come on. If Kardy makes that predictable bellow one more time, I swear Imma drop a mofo. Time for a new gimmick pal… To exclude Prev and Madchild altogether, dismisses this list completely. You did get it right when you left Belly off this list though…

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