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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Ill Tone – Bringing the Hope Back (Album) [Review]

Vancouver, BC – Since his first introduction to the habit that kick started his drug addiction, Ill Tone is clearly an individual who doesn’t play it safe. So the fact that he held nothing back in his debut album, Bringing the Hope Back, shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Opening with “Only the Beginning”, Ill Tone clears the air; “Screw the past I’m moving forward/ future’s just around the corner/I’m no longer with Broken Logic”. The next couple of tracks are filled with heavier material; he spits about his back stabbing friends and goes into great description about his drug addiction. Despite the heavy content, the beats for the first half of the album have a mellow vibe. Things take a quick turn on “Insanity”; Ill dips into the realm of electro hip-hop and although the vibe was unexpected, he kills it. Kyprios and Skryptcha join him on the next track, “If Only For A Second”, to spit about the struggles they experienced as artists; it’s somewhat depressing. Luckily the MC samples the cheerful beat of “The Good Lord” by Kormac to offer some encouraging advice on “Try Again”. The upbeat vibe is kept on “Charlene”, but unfortunately her story is one that hopefully no individual has to ever experience. After Ill reflects about life on “I’ll Be”, he concludes the album with a remix to Charlene by Kevin Kowal.

Bringing the Hope Back is much more than an album that you put your hands up and move side to side to; it’s a therapeutic experience. The thought provoking material leaves you in a humble state of reflection. Ill Tone’s decision to pour out the gloomy details of his journey allows his audience to connect with him on a personal level, which is a quality that makes a true artist.

Download the album HERE.

Review by Shaheena Azmatullah for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @ill_tone



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