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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Swollen Members – Beautiful Death Machine [Review]

Vancouver, BC – The maddening wait is finally over. After a two year hiatus, Canadian heavyweights Swollen Members have released their eight studio album, Beautiful Death Machine.

Swollen Members – Beautiful Death Machine [Review] -

Opening the album with “Inception/Darker Side Interlude”, their classic dark and sinister vibe is felt right away with the track’s eerie lyrics. The theme is carried over the next couple of tracks with the boy’s mesmerizing flows over Rob the Viking’s hard hitting beats. “Juggernaut” is arguably the most infectious track on the album; the chemistry between Madchild and Prevail as they spit back and forth over Viking’s electro inspired beat is energizing. Surprisingly, the group pulls a 180 on the next track, “The Difference”. Using a simple bass and piano sample, the lyrics are less spooky and it is the only track that has a relaxed feel to it.

Throughout the album Madchild exposes snippets of his drug addiction experience, and by the end of the listening journey, the content of his lyrics focus on his commitment to redemption. “Spread across the tabloids/Saying I’m a bad boy/Speaking in a sad voice/Secretly I wish I was a good guy/So I’m saying goodbye/ If I still hung out with them I would die”. The boys end the album with “Fear”, which features Snak the Ripper.

Clever, poetic, and fucking expressive; Beautiful Death Machine is scorching hot fire. Rob the Viking is evidently one talented producer. He’s crafted a diverse range of beats that remain consistent throughout the project. Prevail and Madchild’s distinct rap styles are able to hold their own while still complimenting each other. The album is just further confirmation that Swollen Members truly deserve the title as Canadian hip-hop icons.

You can download the Beautiful Death Machine on iTunes here.

Twitter: @SwollenMembers

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