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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Beat By A Girl: Calgary’s Jaynova talks new album and video [Interview]

Calgary, ABJaynova has worked hard to get where she is today. As one a few ladies in the male-dominated hip-hop game, Jaynova consistently brings her A-game– performing at 10 at 10 Hip-Hop Showcase, collaborating with Transit, hosting the Freestylimpics, supporting her fellow femcees, and much more.

Her new single “Beat By A Girl” is available for download on iTunes and all proceeds will be donated to the Women In Need Society (WINS). So in addition to supporting this talented femcee, you can help out the less-fortunate ladies of Calgary for a sweet $0.99.

We recently sat down with Jaynova to discuss her name album, the new “Beat By A Girl” video, her views of the male-dominated music industry and more. Take a look after the jump.

Jaynova – Beat By A Girl [Video] -

Jaynova: Q&A

Interview conducted by Angela Taraddei for HipHopCanada

HipHopCanada: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Jaynova: My name is Jaynova and I am a 19-year-old female MC based out of Calgary. I’ve been doing music for about three years right now and I just recently signed an exciting promotional deal with Toronto’s own JStaffz.

HipHopCanada: What inspired you to start rapping?

Jaynova: Lauryn Hill was a big influence and one of the reasons why I picked up the microphone. However I was always a huge fan of storytelling. I love when people get on the microphone and use words to capture a story. I would listen to guys rap and instantly become engaged. But when I first heard a female do it, I knew right away that I had try it out for myself.

HipHopCanada: Who are some other female MCs that you look up to?

Jaynova: Nicki Minaj is one of my favourite artists. But more recently, Brianna Perry has grabbed my attention with her hard bars. Angel Haze is also [a] phenomenal lyricist and I also am a big fan of Azealia Banks and Iggy Azelea.

Jaynova – Beat By A Girl [Video] -

HipHopCanada: How would you define your style of rap?

Jaynova: I love spitting fast to upbeat tracks with a club banger feel. But I also have a smooth R&B side to my music so I wouldn’t necessarily classify it to one particular style because I would definitely say that I am a versatile artist.

HipHopCanada: You are known for being a big supporter for female empowerment and unity not only in the music industry but also in your everyday life. Are there any female that you really look up to?

Jaynova: Hands down my mom because growing up she was a single mother and I definitely couldn’t stay away from trouble. So for her to raise me and to stay strong throughout it all is, without a doubt, inspiring. Oprah Winfrey is another woman I look up to. To hear the struggle that she has been through and then to see where she is with her life now is incredible.

HipHopCanada: You’ve graced more than a few stages throughout Calgary. Tell us what you do to prepare for a show?

Jaynova: I actually don’t pick my set until the day of the performance. Sometimes it becomes a situation when I’ll be thinking to myself, “Don’t worry about it. I know my lyrics.” But then it’s the day of the show and then I question myself because I didn’t pick out my set. Although when it really comes down to it, I wrote my lyrics so I am confident enough that I don’t need doubt myself. I just get on the stage and tell myself, “Yo I know this. I wrote it.”

HipHopCanada: Would you say that the Jaynova on stage is a different person than the Jaynova that is off the stage?

Jaynova: Absolutely. Off stage I’m a very quiet, keep-to-myself kind of person. But as soon as I get on the stage I instantly want to talk to everyone. Jaynova on stage is a confident person and I feel that you need to put that on because people need to believe in your talent.

HipHopCanada: From the very beginning, you’ve closely been working with Transit. Explain how that friendship started and where it’s going.

Jaynova: I just came back from Toronto in 2010 back when I was just starting to rap, and I went to a studio where Transit would frequently go. I was told that I should meet him, so one day the opportunity finally came and he asked me to spit a few bars. He said he liked what I he heard and eventually it just led to us working together. Right now he’s a very busy guy with his many shows so we don’t have anything currently in the works. But you can definitely be on the watch for that in the future.

HipHopCanada: Back in November, you dropped your debut album Beat By A Girl. Tell us a little bit about that album in regards to the concept and the whole recording process.

Jaynova: At first, Beat By A Girl was a mixtape that was more on the conscious side of rap. But as the project progressed I found my sound and it transformed into something more meaningful. It was an experience to find out how to put a project together. From getting that studio time and finding that exposure to ultimately getting the word out. I started writing in March, went to the studio in June and then I finally finished recording in September. In that time, I was writing and picking new beats. So it was cool because I got to be in the studio while my mind was still fresh. I feel that when I write songs too long in advance or prior to going into the studio, I lose that energy that was originally there. At this point, Beat By A Girl was a great stepping stone.

HipHopCanada: Any last words for the HipHopCanada readers?

Jaynova: I’d like to thank you for this opportunity and I am happy to be a part of the hip-hop movement here in Calgary.

Interview conducted by Angela Taraddei for HipHopCanada
Photography by Faby Martin

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Jaynova – Beat By A Girl [Video]

Jaynova – Beat By A Girl [Video] -

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