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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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LG Toronto – Private Party ft. Luu Breeze [Audio]

Toronto, ONLG Toronto teamed up with Luu Breeze for a tune called “Private Party.” He also produced the record which you can listen to below via SoundCloud. Don’t forget to follow @Lgizzile and @LuuBreeze on Twitter.

We recently posted LG’s new “My Team” single which features Young Allwood. Click here to check it out.


LG Toronto - Private Party ft. Luu Breeze [Audio] -

About LG Toronto

LG TORONTO is a man with a big sound. A producer/songwriter out of Toronto, he’s been on a musical path since childhood and along the way developed not only a plethora of production talents, but an exceptional ear for music. “I mean I play a few instruments myself, but that’s not what makes a complete producer,” says LG, who’s played piano, drums and violin from an early age. “I can hear the music and see where I need to take it to get the sound I’m looking for, or the artist is looking for. That’s my strength.”

Just now breaking into the game he’s been eyeing for years, LG’s most notable placements are with CTE & Slick Pulla along with local Toronto artists: JRDN, Set2, Gillatein, Lisa Banton, Camoflauge, Murda Marz and M Deezy. As the fruit of years of production development begins to ripen, LG gains steam and aims higher and higher. Born in Toronto, he’s lived most of his life just north of the city in Thornhill and Richmond Hill and was raised on music in the church. Taking piano lessons from as early as eight years old, LG gravitated towards the artistic crowd during his school years. He started playing the drums in church and eventually took on the violin out of pure curiosity. His musical senses were tingling. He had a feeling there was an iceberg under the surface.

LG spent two years focused on understanding the craft of production and learning different techniques before he first showed anyone any of his productions at 17 years old. While the artist was enthusiastic about the beat, LG wasn’t convinced and sought more opinions. After playing the record for his circle of friends, his doubts were confirmed and he went back to the drawing board.

Currently, LG creates out of his own basement studio and has expanded his repertoire to include songwriter and rapping. This extra element allows him a wider scope when conceptualizing records. “Sometimes you give a beat to an artist and they don’t know what to do with it,” explains LG. “I’m often able to provide a song now, not just a beat. I can write the hook and sing it for them, I can co-write alongside them, I can contribute ideas about melodies. And all these things make my influence on the final product that much stronger. Some artists don’t need that, but some do and that’s also an advantage I have.” LGTORONTO doesn’t rely on substances to gain inspiration, but instead focuses on channeling his normal life’s energy into sounds to create authentic production. Simply put, he makes life into music. The mood he’s in, the energy he feels, the sounds he hears, the places he’s been: they all have a place in the musical Molotov cocktails that are his beats. Watch out for the fire.

LG Toronto - Private Party ft. Luu Breeze [Audio] -

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