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Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

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The exciting Calgary life: Pusha T and Fabolous perform to sold-out crowd [Review]

Calgary, AB – Life got a little exciting in Calgary on May 24 as Pusha T and Fabolous made a stop during their Life Is So Exciting Tour to play a sold-out show at Jimmy’s Nightclub.  The venue was changed, last-minute, to accommodate ticket sales that demanded a more spacious and grind-worthy location. An additional 100 tickets were released but sold out almost immediately. Desperate fans took to posting Kijiji ads and making social media pleas in hopes of getting their hands on any available tickets. By 10 p.m., a massive line had formed outside of the nightclub—on the one night of the year that Calgary decided to have a torrential downpour. But hip-hop fans in Calgary aren’t easily swayed. The ladies readjusted their damp exposed weaves while the guys stayed dry under their lids. The bouncers weren’t too concerned with drugs coming into the venue. Mary Jane’s presence was inevitable.

The exciting Calgary life: Pusha T and Fabolous perform a sold-out show during their Life Is So Exciting Tour [Review] -

Instead, guests were searched for knives and weaponry. Local 10 at 10 Hip-Hop Showcase regular, Dan Major, kicked off the supporting performances with a forgettable set. He rapped along to a recording as guests loaded up at the three bars scattered around the venue. The highlight of the set was the post-pubescent couple that made it to second-base in front of centre stage. Congratulations, guys. The second performer of the night was G Baki, accompanied by a charismatic up-and-comer named Young Mic. Though Young Mic doesn’t have much of a following, yet, he had stellar stage-presence and is one to keep an eye on. New’L—a local celebrity, of sorts—spit the last local set of the night alongside fellow MC Dirty Harry. New’L is known for his gnarly King of the Dot battles and enthusiastic 10 at 10 performances. Dirty Harry brought the performance up to another level and it was evident that the duo had phenomenal onstage chemistry. Audience members began lighting their joints and packing on to the dance floor. The set was cut short, though, and the duo had to exit the stage. Dirty Harry later took to Twitter to express his frustrations—rightly so, too.

The next performer was relatively unknown to the audience — Winnipeg’s R.O.Z. played a short set as the official opener of the tour. It was disappointing that audience members weren’t familiar with his beats—more specifically, the rhymes off of his recently released Mo Piff mixtape. But R.O.Z spit his verses with full confidence alongside fellow EMB members 2Epik and DJ Spazz (who happened to be celebrating his birthday on the night of the show). The crowd responded with bumps, grinds, and more blunt-smoking. Unfortunately the performance was cut short before Calgary even got a taste of the full R.O.Z. (@ROZ_EMB) experience. Here’s hoping that he’ll come back and visit soon.

The exciting Calgary life: Pusha T and Fabolous perform a sold-out show during their Life Is So Exciting Tour [Review] -

The lights dimmed as Pusha T walked on to the stage. With limited time for his set, Pusha T shone as the best performer of the evening. Wearing four—count ‘em, four —chains around his neck and a backwards Brooklyn Nets cap on his head, Pusha’s presence caused all of the ladies in the club to swarm the front of the stage. Though Pusha’s sound is generally more aggressive, his demeanour was warm and – dare I say it— almost sentimental. By the end of his first few songs, the entire venue was completely hot-boxed. The ladies in the crowd were grinding on the guys, who – let’s face it—have probably never had that much skin-to-skin contact in their lives. Pusha riled up the Calgary hip-hop heads, performing a mixture of material — the G.O.O.D. and the great— including older Clipse material, tracks from Wraith of Caine and the Fear of God series and  the fan favourite, “Numbers On The Board.” Pusha’s performance of “Millions” had the audience in full-on sing-along mode. Even the introverts in the far corners of the club were up and jumping to the song.

The exciting Calgary life: Pusha T and Fabolous perform a sold-out show during their Life Is So Exciting Tour [Review] -

Fabolous—aka: Loso— started his set following a painfully drawn-out DJ set. Rocking a blue Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks jersey, Loso switched things up by performing alongside a 3-piece band, in addition to his touring DJ. Fab performed under the stage name “The Fabolous Vocabulist” throughout highschool, but dropped the moniker after a performance for DJ Clue at Hot 97 that got him signed to Desert Storm Records. The evening’s set included hits such as “B.I.T.E,” as well as Fab’s verse from Tyga’s remix of “Rack City.”

The exciting Calgary life: Pusha T and Fabolous perform a sold-out show during their Life Is So Exciting Tour [Review] -

Fabolous brought Pusha T back on to the stage for a performance of “Life is so Exciting,” and then lit up a joint on stage for “We Get High.” The crowd followed suit and even the non-weeders in the audience could be seen puffing up cigarettes. Between constant shout-outs to the ladies, as well as his musings on twerking, Loso took the time to send love to the fans unable to attend the show. After he performed his Rihanna spin-off,  “Diamonds,” he encouraged fans to “shine bright” for those unable to be at the show. Fab kept his sunglasses on for the entire duration of the show—a masterful accomplishment, as most concert attendees could barely claw their way around the venue without the additional handicap of dark-tinted shades. It would have been a treat to see Fab’s smouldering brown peepers, but that didn’t seem to be on the agenda for the night.

The exciting Calgary life: Pusha T and Fabolous perform a sold-out show during their Life Is So Exciting Tour [Review] -

The show ended just after 2:30 a.m. An intoxicating mixture of excess alcohol consumption and steadfast blunt-smoking left the Calgary audience in a sloppy state. While several concertgoers exited the venue for post-show Loso-loving romps, others broke into fights. A bouncer attempting to break up one of the fights was decked in the side of his face and police were called to the scene. Attendees swarmed the coat-check in an attempt to leave the venue quickly but confusion ensued. Not moments later, another fight broke out at the nearby McDonalds where fans had taken to hosting their own munchies-fueled after party. A handful of police vehicles and an ambulance arrived on the scene and a young man was arrested. Pusha T and Fabolous got Calgarians rowdy and sloppy— and that is a true-telling sign of a successful show.

Photography by Sarah Sussman for HipHopCanada
Written by Sarah Sussman for HipHopCanada

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