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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Don’t be scared, just Watch The Duck [Interview]

Atlanta, GA – Watch The Duck, a collective of talented artist and a single Duck, have been making noise in the music industry as of late. Eddie Smith III (vocalist), Jesse Rankins (bassist) and Jonathan Wells (keyboardist), all three [human] members of the Watch The Duck, grew up in Alabama. Three separate paths were paved for each of the members – they were to all attend different colleges, but somehow found themselves together making music, doing parties and vibing out overall.

Now, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the group finds themselves smitten with the city. “Atlanta is like New York to Alabama,” says Eddie. “We got into music at an early age – our childhood was Outkast, Goodie Mob and TLC and all of that was coming out of Atlanta. To us, that was it! The biggest of the biggest.” To Watch The Duck, Atlanta is the birthplace of fresh, new sounds and they want to continue the legacy. After listening to their projects, it’s obvious that Watch The Duck is doing just that. Continue reading the rest after the jump.

Interview: Don't be scared, just Watch The Duck -

Anatidaephobia, their most recent project and debut EP was released this past April. It features a collection of sounds that couldn’t be categorized into a particular genre even if you tried. Ironically enough, the title of the EP (Anatidaephobia) can be defined as ‘The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.’ Playing into their name and highlighting one of the members, The Duck, the title was chosen even before the EP was recorded, and the group found humour in the fact that people actually suffered from Anatidaephobia. Don’t let Watch The Duck’s cleverness fool you – this EP is no joke. Anatidaephobia also features another artist from Atlanta – Trinidad James. Their sound has paved it’s own lane and is often referred to as “Trap-step,” but Watch The Duck just calls it “music.” “Call it whatever you want – we don’t really have a name for it. We’ve been trying to describe it for so long,” laughs Jesse, “…we gave up trying to come up with names. It’s more fun listening to other people try.” The inspiration for the project came when they decided to expand their sound and tell a story in a symbolic way. The group wanted the EP to be free flowing and focused on not implementing a specific structure to accommodate their use of several different elements.

Interview: Don't be scared, just Watch The Duck -

The trio made a stop in Toronto during a leg of their tour. Excited about missing the cold weather and in denial that Torontonians have funny accents, their first stay in the city involved them playing a pop-up DJ set at The Soho House. Eddie, Jessie and Johnathan all agree that Toronto showed them lots of love and are guaranteeing a return in the future. Watch The Duck wants to bring nothing but life to the stage when they perform. Their out-of-this-world attitude hooks all of their fans to the point where situations get crazy. “Someone tried to pluck the Duck!” tells Jonathan. “Most of the time it’s women doing it. The Duck is like the most interesting man in the world!” Their buzz is ever-growing, and as they embark on the rest of their tour, the group looks forward to meeting new people and observing culture. “We love seeing what other people do on a day-to-day. The cool thing about music is that it brings everyone together no matter what language they speak. It could be a bunch of strangers in one room and when you put on the right song, all of the sudden you see separate pockets merging together.” says Eddie.

When asked if they had any fears themselves [similar to Anatidaephobia], Jonathan responded, with all seriousness, “The fear of failure.” I had to look that up for kicks – Atychiphobia. However, I couldn’t find a real phobia for Jesse’s answer: “The fear that all of the chocolate in the world will one day disappear.” To tone it down a notch, Watch The Duck tried to describe the group in one word: “Fantastic!” “Extraordinary.” “Supercalafragalisticexpealadocious!”, but the answer that made the most sense was: “We are Watch The Duck.”

HipHopCanada would like to thank Sony Music Canada (Sony_Music) and Julia Scenna (juscxo) for setting up this interview.

Interview conducted by Tia Gordon (_TLG) for HipHopCanada.

Peep the video for “Lost In It” off of Anatidaephobia below. You can keep up with them at

Twitter: @WatchTheDuck

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