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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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FIN-StheCEO – Fly.Boy.Ish [Mixtape]

Toronto, ONFly.Boy.Ish is the latest mixtape from artist/producer FIN-StheCEO. The Toronto veteran was born in Canada and raised in the States. Constantly traveling back and forth between the two countries helped develop his unique style and taste for music. Fly.Boy.Ish is the lifestyle he lives by: keepin’ it fly and fresh while constantly hitting the studio to bring new music to the masses. Check it out after the jump.

FIN-StheCEO - Fly.Boy.Ish [Mixtape] -

About FIN-StheCEO


Having that touch has always been known to be a good thing… FIN-S’n it is even better…

When you combine the extraordinary talents and musical incline of a young gentleman who was blessed into a family of phenomenal musical proportions, Musical Genius is birthed into existence. FIN-S is not just another rapper, he’s not just another artist, he is the epitome of all that a great musician exemplifies. Following in the footsteps of his father, who is a well respected and admired musician, having played lead rhythm guitar for the likes of Bob Marley, The Temptations and many other world famous recording acts during the 70’s era, it’s no wonder that FIN-S would be inspired to explore his musical genius.

With the gift of music in his blood, FIN-S began exploring many avenues in music. First he would begin to DJ and began playing at local parties and clubs throughout his city. He eventually began utilizing his skills across the country, allowing people all over the world to witness the DJ FIN-S experience. Not one to limit himself, and being fascinated with the sounds bursting through his turntables, FIN-S would soon begin to experiment with music on another level and find himself in the studio producing in a way that he never expected. FIN-S’s incredible skills as a producer would be making its way into the Canadian Hip Hop scene and would win him praises from some of the most well known and respected music critics.

Working on the “Deliverance” album for a well known hip hop duo named Citizen Kane, received praises and accolades from all over, including a JUNO award nomination for Best Hip Hop Album. “I gained a lot from working on that project, from working in the most elaborate of studios, the video shoots, the live stage shows, and even the appearance I made in the HBO Special Raising Kane… It was an amazing and life changing experience. In all I had a chance to experience the good and the bad.. However, I knew that this was just a small step that would lead me to where I wanted to be. You can only control but so much working behind the scenes and expressing yourself through the beats. It was time for me to speak my piece and gain the confidence to live out my destiny”

FIN-S would manifest intrigue into reality and thus begin his journey into what his true calling is. The ability to express himself lyrically. Utilizing his very own self made customized beats, the same of which gained him so much notoriety, FIN-S would spend countless hours in the studio working on production and finding the essence of his true character as an artist/MC.

With a smooth melodic baritone flow, FIN-S gives the listener direct access, with a one way ticket into his world. A world of love, struggle, knowledge, money, and wisdom.

Having collaborated with artist like SNOOP DOGG, PHARELL, KOOL G RAP, N.O.R.E, MOS DEF, LUNEY TUNEZ, SHA STIMULI, and a host of others for his upcoming album, there’s no denying the destiny of this musical genius. And to stay relevant in the production world he recently produced the come back single for Canada’s icon Maestro Fresh Wes, and 3 singles for Grammy Winner and 3 time Juno Award Winner, Liberty Silver’s latest album.

Remembering where he came from, and always having a desire to be a positive example to youth everywhere and especially back home, the hip hop genius is an advocate on speaking out against violence in the community. He has been a featured keynote speaker at several conferences across the globe, inspiring people of all backgrounds to a level of motivation and encouragement that forever changes the course of their lives.

FIN-S’ story is intriguing and his career in music will be legendary.

Twitter: @FinSTheCEO



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