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Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

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Mississauga gets a taste of The Life Is So Exciting Tour [Review]

Toronto, ON – Beginning in Vancouver on May 22, Pusha T and Fabolous kicked off their highly anticipated The Life is So Exciting Tour. On May 31 I had the pleasure of attending the second last show at Famous night club in Mississauga, which is located just outside of Toronto.

All precautions were taken; there was absolutely no line by pass for anyone, except those with booths in an effort to minimize any ins and outs. Female guards with hand held metal detectors checked everyone quite thoroughly even bringing the wand between women’s legs and right up to their crotch. Had she pushed it any further I would have had to call a lawyer. Finally, everyone was asked to take their shoes off to insure no concealed weapons were brought inside. However, the overzealous security was worth it, there were no problems throughout the night and Fabolous thanked everyone for being on good behavior at the close of the show. Clearly, safety was an issue for the entire tour in general. The venue wasn’t at capacity, probably because the show wasn’t in Toronto, but people still showed up and it was packed enough to see the support and feel like a live concert. There were even people from a few places in the States who had traveled here after missing the show in their city. Continue reading the rest after the jump.

Review: Mississauga gets a taste of The Life Is So Exciting Tour -

Ezayano was the first opening act, followed by R.O.Z. who performed a few songs, including “Piff Daddy” which seemed like the crowd favorite. Pusha T came on at quarter to 1 and kicked it off with his verse from Chief Keef’s “Don’t Like” followed by a few other featured verses, then “Grindin,” and tracks from his Fear of God tape. After the history lesson, he jumped into Wrath of Caine doing “Revolution,” “Blocka,” “Only You Can Tell It,” “Millions,” and “Trust You,” produced by Toronto’s own Arthur McArthur. I was hoping Push would mention the Canadian producer in case there were people who weren’t familiar with another star talent from our city, but there was no mention of him. Push ended some songs with acapella’s and showed us what a lyric based rapper he is pronouncing each word so we could hear and understand the gravity of it. He finished his impressive catalogue with his newest single “Numbers on the Boards,” before letting Fabolous take the stage.

Review: Mississauga gets a taste of The Life Is So Exciting Tour -

Fab walked on stage wearing a Blue Jays fitted and a jean vest with the Jays logo stitched into the breast. His outfit and demeanor combined made him seem truly grateful for the Toronto fans that showed up despite the rain. Fab had a DJ and full band with him which included a guitarist, keyboardist and a drummer and the band really showed how genuinely musical Fab’s tracks are. Songs were finished with soft drum rolls and symbols that rumbled over the crowd where many people stood on whatever they could climb up on to get a better view. Fab jumped right into the Soul Tape 2 and everyone sang along. It was clear that this was his tour and the people came out to see him and hear this tape that resonated with so many. When he got to “The Life is So Exciting” track he brought Pusha T back out and they mixed it up doing a portion of the song over Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” in true concert fashion, providing a live mix that cannot be heard anywhere else. After the Soul Tape 2 he picked up the vibe with party features, “Rack City (Remix),” “I’m Ill,” “Say Ahh,” “Oh My,” “Shawty is a 10,” and others. To see who’s been down since day 1 he took it back to his early days doing “Holla Back,” “Can’t Deny It,” and then semi-old tracks like “Breathe.”

Review: Mississauga gets a taste of The Life Is So Exciting Tour -

Finally and surprisingly, Fab did all his ladies’ tracks and funny enough the audience went crazy when he dropped joints like “Can’t Let you Go,” “Superwoman,” (Lil Mo’s track), “So Into You,” “Throw it in the Bag,” and “Make Me Better.” People danced and sang the hooks and it was a great way to bring the night to a close. Through it all he kept the same level of energy and it never felt like he was trying to rush his well put together set. Even as people slowly started to leave, Fab continued his set for the majority who didn’t rush to beat the exiting crowd. He seems to really enjoy what he does and I think it’s fair to say his audience enjoyed it as well.

More work from these artists is on the way – look out for Fabolous’ Loso’s Way 2 and Pusha T’s My Name is My Name dropping soon. Special thank you goes out to The Substance Group for putting on this tour and for letting HipHopCanada attend the show.

Written by Leandra Legendre (@Leandralegendre) for HipHopCanada.

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