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Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

Quake Matthews – You Ain’t Me (Prod. Chris Noxx) [Video]

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Mr. Archive – Serious Social Drinking [Video]

Vancouver, BC – As shown in Mr. Archive’s latest video, “I Got It Bad,” there’s a chance that years of drinking might just lead you to a life on the streets of New Westminster (or if you’re lucky, Granville street). Loosely based around King Tee’s ‘I Got It Bad Y’all’ and his love for Cariboo, the MC takes you along on a trip around his old stomping grounds. Directed by Bobby Arturo, watch him elegantly shot gun beers after the jump.

Mr. Archive - Serious Social Drinking [Video] -

Download Serious Social Drinking

Mr. Archive - Serious Social Drinking [Video] -

About Mr. Archive

The story of Mr. Archive opens with Emperor Ming the Merciless declaring that he will first play with, and then destroy, the Earth, using seemingly natural disasters. Sometime later on Earth, beer league touch football super star “Mr. Archive” boards a small plane. Onboard, he meets travel journalist Dale Arden. Mid-flight, the cockpit is hit by a meteorite sent by Ming and the pilots are sucked out. Archive takes control, and manages to crash land the craft in a greenhouse owned by Dr. Hans Zarkov. Zarkov, who believes the disasters are being caused by an unknown source in space which is sending the moon toward the Earth, has secretly constructed a rocket ship with which he intends to investigate. Zarkov’s assistant refuses to help him, so he lures Mr. Archive and Dale inside the rocket. After a struggle, the rocket launches into orbit, taking the trio to the planet Mongo. Once they land, they are captured by Ming’s troops. to be continued…

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