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Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

Halifax’s Neon Dreams goes Gold with “Marching Bands” single featuring K

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Prairie Love for Pusha T: The Life Is So Exciting Tour in Saskatoon [Review]

Saskatoon, SK – On May 25, Saskatoon’s Odeon Events Centre played host to two rarely seen MCs in the Saskatchewan area: Pusha T and Fabolous. The Life Is So Exciting Tour co-headliners did not disappoint. Despite being an all-ages show, cans and cups of beer were mainstay accessories amongst most attendees. The wide-eyed, borderline-fearful gazes of teens—common to shows at The Odeon—were almost non-existent.

Prairie Love for Pusha T: The Life Is So Exciting Tour in Saskatoon [Review]-

Those who weren’t twerking to DJ Anchor’s ‘90s party cuts were either standing around looking tough or drinking way too much.  While the crowd slowly filtered in around 9:30 p.m., the first performer hit the stage. With a menacing bass beat bumping under his feet, local rapper Dylan G hit the stage with some up-tempo party rap. After rapping a handful of similar tracks, the MC gave up the stage for another young spitter named ARC. ARC provided a contrasting sound to his fellow openers, with an east coast feel to both production and flow. Following ARC was the Robin Hood crew with their own brand of rap. Following their forgettable set, Word Merchants turned up the atmosphere with some rhymes of their own. Strong production was highlighted by great energy during “On Fire.”

The end of Word Merchants’ set should have been the last performance before the headliners. But after about 20 more minutes of the house DJ, Winnipeg rapper R.O.Z. stepped on the stage to an unimpressed crowd. It’s not fair to blame R.O.Z. and his crew though. Every single performer had asked the audience if they “smoked weed” and  inquired as to whether or not the attendees were “ready to see Pusha T.” By the time R.O.Z. was able to put his own spin on things, nobody cared to hear it. They just wanted to see the headliners.

Finally the concertgoers got what they paid for. No beat or introduction kicked off the set.  Instead the opening bars from the “I Don’t Like” remix played as Pusha T burst onto the stage with energy to burn.  Immediately the frustrated crowd members forgot about the disappointing start to the night and put their hands to the ceiling. Pusha made a quick salute to the crowd, followed by the performance of the night: “Grindin.’” As Pusha enthusiastically spit his verses, he honed in on one special fan.  Near the front of the stage, a solo 20-something girl in a plain dress and toque rapped every word back to to Pusha. He spit the entire song looking right into her eyes. This is what makes hip-hop so great—an MC known for his aggressive persona sharing a moment with an unassuming girl from the prairies (who actually didn’t look like a groupie, by the way). It was beautiful.

Pusha performed tracks from his solo career, work with G.O.O.D. Music, and Clipse. Halfway through the crowd was silenced as he spit an aggressive and chilling acapella. “Millions” nearly tore the roof of the place, and “Exodus 23:1” brought the crowd together like a group of militia. It was intense and brought a live feeling to the crowd that had never seen before. After one more cut from Wrath Of Caine, Pusha T thanked the crowd earnestly and abruptly left to deafening cheers.

Fourty minutes passed as the tour DJ did his best to keep the crowd awake. Eventually, Fabolous hit the stage. He wasted no time going through hits (old and new), as well as some slow songs for the ladies. After an evening of mini-brawls periodically breaking out, love had spread around the venue. Even Fab noticed this, declaring that he too could feel the love and would be sure to return more often.

Before thanking the crowd and ending the show, Fab was joined by Pusha for a rendition of “The Life Is So Exciting,” and exited to loud cheers from the audience. Hip-hop was truly in the atmosphere of a city that is still learning to love it.

Review by Adam Lacoursiere for HipHopCanada

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