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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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The Lytics: Winnipeg JazzFest and the importance of personal hygiene [Intervew]

Winnipeg, MB – Fresh off the release of their latest music video for “They Said,” The Lytics, are gearing up to share the stage with The Roots on Jun. 22 during the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival. HipHopCanada caught up with the boys of the hip-hop quintet —Anthony “Ashy” Sannie (MC), Andrew “Andrew O” Sannie (MC), Alex “B-Flat” Sannie (Producer), Mungala “Munga” Londe (MC), and DJ Lonnie Ce— to discuss the latest video, Winnipeg street style, and the do-not-miss shows of the JazzFest. Check out our exclusive interview after the jump.

 The Lytics: Winnipeg JazzFest and the importance of personal hygiene [Intervew]  -

HipHopCanada: You recently dropped a new music video for “They Said.” It’s the ultimate chill-out track for just hanging out in “flip flops and a hoodie on [your] back.” Do you guys actually wear flip flops and hoodies together?

Ashy: [laughs] Sometimes it’s a good combo to throw together when you’re in a certain type a mood. I played a lot of ball growing up. After games I went home and sat outside with my iPod, with flip flops and a hoodie to relax in. I guess that line just brought a certain type of feeling I was trying to get across.

HipHopCanada: You guys have mad style. How would you describe each other’s style?

Ashy: Thanks for the compliment. We kind of just wear whatever we’re feeling for that day. Nothing’s ever forced or overdone with it. Nothing too flashy or anything. Trinidad James is a cool lookin’ character. But you’ve [got to] dress for you— you know what I mean?

HipHopCanada: So where does one go shopping for killer duds in Winnipeg?

Lonnie Ce: I’m a little biased since I work there, but TUB is the spot for all things streetwear in Winnipeg. A few of us have dropped some serious coin at Club Monaco over the years as well. Winnipeg doesn’t have many of the big names—no J. Crew, no Urban Outfitters— so it forces us to search a little harder at some unsuspecting joints. Or order online quite a bit.

HipHopCanada: Let’s talk a little bit about the new video. Who are “they” and what did they say?

Lonnie Ce : Uh. We’re taking that one to the grave, I think. [laughs]

HipHopCanada: How many hours did you have to spend crammed into that car to shoot the video?

Ashy: It was about three hours in -30-degree weather. It wasn’t a cool shoot, man. We were cold as hell and tired that night. We all had work that day and then banged the shoot out in one night.

HipHopCanada: Did anyone have particularly bad body odour or smelly breath on the day of the shoot?

Ashy: Nah. Everyone was cool— no one stunk. Once you’re in a group like this, you don’t show up to shoots stinky when you know you’re going to be in other people’s personal spaces for a few too many hours. Its just common decency to make sure you’re straight, on a hygienic level.

HipHopCanada: Duly noted. Hygiene is key. Last time HipHopCanada caught up with you guys, you told us that you’d like to collaborate with the Roots. Now you’re finally getting the opportunity to open for them this month.

Munga: The Roots are definitely among the best. They really know how to make great records and they play good shows so this is something I’m excited to be a part of.

HipHopCanada: Which shows will you guys be hitting up at the JazzFest?

Ashy: Definitely Gaslamp Killer. We saw that dude play a party in Victoria, B.C a few years back for a festival, and it was nutty. And then Peanut Butter Wolf, for sure. The best part of the festival, though, is the opening weekend at Market Square. That’s where you do the beer gardens and check [the] local bands. Everyone you know goes out for it. And that’s where you want to be. JazzFest killed it this year— it’ll be a good festival.

HipHopCanada: No doubt. What can fans expect to see from you guys at the festival?

Munga: More of the same [laughs]. I mean, we always want to put on a good hip-hop show. Just bring the energy and have a good time with it.

HipHopCanada: What projects are coming up for you guys?

Lonnie Ce: We have a pair of new videos in the works right now. Visuals for “Toot Your Own Horn” and “On Top” will drop this summer so look out for those.

HipHopCanada: Can’t wait to see those. Any last words for the HipHopCanada readers?

Lonnie Ce: We love ya’ll. Thanks for the continued support. Download our record They Told Me wherever you can. Give it a listen.

Interview conducted by Sarah Sussman for HipHopCanada

Photography courtesy of The Lytics

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