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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Toronto music campaign 4479 launched at NXNE [News]

Every NXNE Festival is always an exciting time for the City of Toronto, artists, music lovers, film makers and the like, but this year something very special took place; the launch of Toronto’s music campaign entitled 4479 – where music meets the world. Check out the official press release below.

Toronto, ON – On June 13, artists and musicians joined leaders from music, tourism and City Hall at the 2013 NXNE Festival to launch 4479 – a campaign to position Toronto as one of the greatest music cities in the world.

“In my travels I have visited and played in many cities,” says Jim Cuddy. “Many of these cities claim to be recognized by the world as music capitals. My experience tells me that Toronto is second to none as a music city. We have diversity, we have originality and we have a plethora of clubs, concert venues and festivals. Toronto has always fired my imagination and it was only upon returning to Toronto from New York City that Greg and I found the true impetus for Blue Rodeo. Toronto however, suffers from a lack of recognition and something needs to be done to change that. We should be known around the world for the music capital that we are.”

4479 is designed to promote Toronto as a world leader in live and recorded music and also to build a community that engages artists, industry supporters and fans who share the vision of Toronto as a vibrant and diverse music city. Modeled after similar successful efforts in Austin, Texas, the 4479 campaign aims to develop greater opportunities for live music events and better industry-city relations.

“Toronto, with its broad range of music and venues, is unrivaled as a music city,” says Graham Henderson, President of Music Canada. “Currently Toronto is both an amazing incubator of talent and a stop on every world tour while historically we are blessed with a rich musical legacy – we could blue plaque this entire city if we wanted to!”

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News: Toronto music campaign 4479 launched at NXNE -
Panel Speakers: Jesse Kumagi, Andrew Weir, Mike Tanner & Josh Colle

The idea for the campaign was first discussed at the 2012 launch of a study by Music Canada comparing Toronto to Austin, Texas. The study was launched at NXNE. Since then a growing coalition has been leading efforts to establish a music office and a music advisory board at Toronto City Hall, similar to the facilities in place for film and TV. An informal live music task force has met several times under the direction of City Councillor Josh Colle.

“Toronto has been missing an enormous opportunity to promote and leverage its music scene,” says Josh Colle, Councillor of Ward 15. “On any given night you can see amazing bands, many of them residents of this city, and yet, while we have lavished attention on our other cultural assets, we have largely ignored music. That’s about to change.”

News: Toronto music campaign 4479 launched at NXNE -
Josh Colle, Councillor of Ward 15

“Setting up a Music Office at City Hall is a key step in fully activating Toronto’s tremendous music scene for the benefit of the entire community,” says Mike Tanner, Operations Manager, NXNE. “And to be most effective, the Music Office and its allied Advisory Board should be staffed by those who best understand the opportunities live music presents to grow business, tourism, and economic impact – and the challenges faced by artists, venues, and promoters in putting music on the street.”

News: Toronto music campaign 4479 launched at NXNE -
Mike Tanner, Operations Manager, NXNE

In order to build awareness of the 4479 brand, artists, venues, festivals, promoters and tourism agencies in Toronto will be invited to tag their marketing with 4479. Tourism Toronto, which has recently put a greater emphasis on Toronto’s vibrant music scene in its publications and events, agrees that Toronto’s music scene is a good selling feature.

“People who love music will travel to experience it in new places,” said Andrew Weir, Vice President of Tourism Toronto. “Toronto has such a range of options every single night – from indie rock to jazz and the symphony – that it has the opportunity to attract a wide range of music lovers from around the world.”

“When you consider the metrics of Toronto’s music market, you can appreciate why we hold our own on the international stage,” says Jesse Kumagai, Director of Programming, The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall. “What’s really impressive is how much more we are than the sum of our parts – in my mind, there is no other music scene that rivals the diversity, quality, and sense of community that we have here in Toronto. We’re proud and we can’t wait to tell the world.”

With the launch, 4479 is offering new followers a chance to win free swag and concert tickets by showcasing Toronto’s music scene on social media. All artists, musicians, industry supporters and fans should sign up at, @4479Toronto, and Facebook/4479. The 4479 brand was developed in part with support from the Ontario Government.

Photographs courtesy of NXNE (@nxne)

About 4479

4479 is a campaign to position Toronto as one of the greatest music cities in the world. It recognizes Toronto’s diverse sounds, eclectic venues, many of them steeped in musical history, globally sourced audience and culturally diverse background. 4479 is being led by a growing coalition of music industry leaders, in conjunction with supporters who work in tourism, municipal government and business. Every artist, musician, music supporter and fan in Toronto is a part of.

News: Toronto music campaign 4479 launched at NXNE -

For more information: Amy Terrill at or 647-963-6044

Twitter: @4479Toronto | @Music_Canada

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