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Ain’t No Way: Dartmouth’s FoFF & Octave team up for new single

Ain’t No Way: Dartmouth’s FoFF & Octave team up for new single

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John River receives co-sign from Marlon Palmer & releases 5 new songs [News]

Toronto, ON – Proof that deserved recognition doesn’t always come when originally expected lies within Mississauga’s own John River. Having released his debut mixtape, The Calm (Stream & download) in November of last year, John has received some notoriety over the past nine months, but none like what he acquired recently.

On July 24th, Toronto actor, comedian and YouTube extraordinaire Marlon Palmer, aka ThatDudeMcFly, co-signed John River. Creating and publishing a video on YouTube, Marlon explains the trials and tribulations of the music industry, music labels, and the glorified lifestyles that come with it. He addresses the lack of quality in today’s music and the commitment to pursue its value, beyond the resources readily available to us as consumers. Right before the video ends, Marlon introduces us to this quality when he announces he stumbled upon John River’s mixtape The Calm.

Upon receiving this co-sign from such a reputable and known source, John gained a voice. His Twitter followers went up, views on his official music video “Wherever You Go” increased greatly, and his name was repeated immensely on various social media sites. He was finally being heard.

Thanking Marlon for this great compliment via Twitter wasn’t enough for John. He took it one step further, and proved to us he possesses the mentality needed to consistently create that quality music that Marlon referred. John took to Twitter on July 25 and not only thanked his fans, but gave us new music as well. Tweeting, “I didn’t plan on releasing 5 songs today but this relationship goes both ways. You support me and I support you. #ThankYou #10minutes.” John dropped five unreleased songs that just missed The Calm’s track list.

Watch what Marlon has to say below and listen to John’s new songs after the jump.

John River receives co-sign from Marlon Palmer & releases 5 new songs [Video/Audio] -

Just like The Calm, these five new tracks, showcase John’s ability to tell a story through his music and captivate audiences with his vocals. John not only has the right talent, but the right mindset – rapping meaningful lyrics and thought-provoking wordplay over melodic and smooth production. Being consistently compared to the likes of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, John is steadily creating a name for himself. His old soul, fearless vulnerability and contagious ambition forces listeners to want more. With that, we thank YOU John!

Be on the lookout for John River. He’s giving Toronto hip-hop a refreshing name. Taking his talents to Atlanta for a weekend, John will be performing at The A3C Hip Hop Festival this October! Stay tuned to HipHopCanada for all updates on John River and the release of the sequel to The Calm, entitled The Storm!

Listen to all of John’s new songs here on SoundCloud.

Written by Meghan Kemp (@MeghannnEliza) for HipHopCanada

Twitter: @thejohnriver | @ThatDudeMCFLY

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