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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Juicy J stays trippy at Encore in Edmonton [Review]

Edmonton, AB – On July 11, Juicy J brought his Stay Trippy Tour to Edmonton for a show at Encore at West Edmonton Mall. Costly ticket prices seemed to keep a lot of people from attending the Thursday night show and there were far too many local openers on the lineup. This left the dance floor a little more than empty for most of the night. But when Juicy J hit the stage at 1 a.m., all was forgiven. Flocks of men and women rushed to get as close as they could to the former Three 6 Mafia-turned-Taylor Gang rap artist. Concertgoers were duly rewarded for these efforts when Juicy J – flanked by two manager-cum-bodyguards and a DJ—demanded attendees get, “turned up.”

Juicy J stays trippy at Encore in Edmonton [Review]-

There’s no denying the man’s ability to unleash a ruckus. Men threw themselves through the audience like pinballs—bouncing from every corner of the floor. A large segment of the audience jumped up and down in singular motion for nearly every song. Blunts were falling from the skies. But Juicy J maintained the perfect mix of charisma and grind. While the songs from the forthcoming Stay Trippy went down well, the enthusiastic renditions of “Slob on My Knob” and “Zip and a Double Cup” really got the audience roaring. After all, it’s easy enough to say, “no” to drugs and ratchet pussy— but Juicy J can’t. He obviously doesn’t forget to remind his fans of this minor detail. And that is the reason he still has a viable audience after 20 years into his career.

The highlight of the night came when Juicy pulled three females from the audience to dance on the stage while he took the opportunity to perform his new single “Bounce It.” Juicy made it very clear that the track was, “specifically for the ladies.” But that wasn’t enough. He invited a man on to the stage to dance with the girls during “Bandz A Make Her Dance.” The incredulous look on the man’s face said more than his “We Trippy Mane” embossed t-shirt. But Juicy J seemed a little disappointed. “Aw man. I was really hoping for some titties,” Juicy uttered with a comical bent in his voice. It was all he could offer up at the end of this little interlude. After only 30 minutes of music, Juicy deemed it proper to rush off the stage, leaving everyone on the floor to take the rest of their energies out into the night and beyond. Given the state of mind of the audience at the time, one can only imagine what could have went off with a little more stage time.

Written by Jibril Yassin for HipHopCanada

Photography courtesy of Juicy J

Twitter: @therealjuicyj

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