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2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

2017 Music Nova Scotia Awards: Quake wins SOCAN Songwriter of the Year Award

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Pimpton: New video, summer parties, and setting things on fire [Interview]

Regina, SK – Regina-based MC Pimpton just dropped a video for “Inspired.” And now he’s  gearing up to release his latest mixtape, Killa Call Me Killa Vol.1this month. He’s also waiting for finalization on some potential touring across North America as well as working on a collaborative album with his Regina boys from C.J.E. Between all of his projects on-the-go, Pimpton caught up with HipHopCanada to chat about the latest video, jazzing up the ladies at summer parties, pyrotechnics, and more. Check out our exclusive interview after the jump.

 Pimpton: New video, summer parties, and setting things on fire [Interview]-

HipHopCanada: The track for the video you just dropped is called “Inspired.” What inspires you on a daily basis?

Pimpton: Sometimes I get inspired by funny or clever things I hear, or say. And [also] from positive and negative feedback I receive. As far as people who inspire me, I’d have to say the number one [influencer] is Jay-Z. Then Kanye, Nickatina, Weezy, Lauryn Hill, Will Smith and pretty much [anyone] else [on] my playlists among the hundreds of Pimpton tracks I bump on a daily basis.

HipHopCanada: So let’s talk about the new visuals for a bit. Can you actually do that fire-breathing trick that is shown in the “Inspired’ video?

Pimpton: Can’t say I’ve ever tried, ‘cause that shit looks hella’ dangerous. I did have to drink a bunch of flaming shots during the video shoot, though. But that’s as far as my pyrotechnics really go. The dude who does the fire breathing is Prince Niah from the island Jamaica. He’s a self-taught professional. So I leave the fire breathing to him.

HipHopCanada: Did you have any accidental fires occur while shooting the video?

Pimpton: Funny that you ask because the answer is, ‘hell yeah.’ There were a few incidents where I found myself half on fire. It was the first time in a long time I had been experimenting with gasoline and fire. Things definitely almost got out of control. It’s like you’re trying to blow out a fire fuelled by gasoline. And consequently, you blow flaming gasoline all over a dry forest and your fresh jeans. It’s a good thing we had a professional present. Don’t try that shit at home.

HipHopCanada: Duly noted. Is this how a typical Pimpton summer party goes down – with fires in the middle of the woods?

Pimpton: A typical Pimpton party would consist of a hell of a lot more weed smoke—by [the] pound. And mad bottles of Hennessy and Moscato. We do occasionally get buck around a bonfire. But you won’t find too many of my homies [trying to] do crazy stunts like blowing fire at one another. Just a bunch of killas liming. Puffin’ dro’. And [trying to] jazz up the females. If someone’s gotta’ eat a little fire to impress one of the ladies, then so be it. But not me. I’m cool on that.

HipHopCanada: Word. Looks like the only fire you’ll be inhaling is from the blunts. So you’re wearing sunglasses at night in the video. Discuss.

Pimpton: I caught a glimpse of myself in front the mirror before the shoot and was like, “Damn. Iss Pimpton.”

HipHopCanada: What are your summer plans for 2013?

Pimpton: Look out for my new mixtape, Killa Call Me Killa Vol.1, dropping later in July. This project goes all the way in. Definitely some of my best work, to date. I’ve got some really nice collabs on there with Canadian, American and even European artists. I’ve definitely got a shit ton of traveling to get done also in order to put out visuals for a couple more tracks of my latest album. Tracks such as “In the City” featuring Mistah F.A.B., “Half Past Dead” featuring JD Era, and “Skirt” featuring Malfunction. So although I’ll continue to reside in Regina, I’ll definitely be around.

HipHopCanada: Can’t wait. Any last words for the HipHopCanada community?

Pimpton: Keep your ears to the streets. It’s Pimpton. This is what [I] grind for. Be sure to cop my latest album TDBMD on iTunes. Killa.

Interview conducted by Sarah Sussman for HipHopCanada
Photography courtesy of Pimpton

Twitter: @ThePimpton

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