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Ain’t No Way: Dartmouth’s FoFF & Octave team up for new single

Ain’t No Way: Dartmouth’s FoFF & Octave team up for new single

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Sean Leon – Ninelevenne, The Tragedy [Mixtape]

Toronto, ON – In anticipation of his headlining show presented by The Known Unknown in Toronto on July 28th, Sean Leon presents his debut project Ninelevenne, The Tragedy. Sean’s unapologetic and undeniable lyrical talent culminated with his captivating personality have quickly made him a fan favourite. Ninelevenne, The Tragedy tells the story of a boy’s pursuit of perfection leading to his inevitable demise. From exceptional musical integration to the authentic art of storytelling, Sean Leon has introduced a new era for Canadian hip-hop, introducing new concepts and pushing the boundaries of the genre.

“I want to deliver my product, the music, on a whole new level. I want to take it further than anyone has ever taken it before. I want to leave a mark on the world, I want to transcend, I don’t want to do forgettable things, I don’t ever want to be forgotten. I want to live forever.”

Listen to the entire project below and download it after the jump.


Sean Leon - Ninelevenne, The Tragedy [Mixtape] -


Sean Leon - Ninelevenne, The Tragedy [Mixtape] -

Twitter: @SEANixxi



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