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Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

Wolf, Princess & Me: Neon Dreams to drop concept EP on Sept. 22

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Finalie keeps the change with his latest mixtape [Review]

Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg-based MC Finalie dropped his latest Keep the Change mixtape via DatPiff on Aug. 8. Finalie is one of Winnipeg’s most notable rappers— especially when it comes to bars, punchlines, and overall production. “Everybody wants to change up. But I’m coming with Keep the Change,” said Finalie. “I’m going to keep doing me.”

The album includes an assortment of features from well-known Winnipeg talent, including Young Kidd, Lotto, Goody, and Criti Tha Cid. Keep the Change turns up, from start to finish, with tracks like “Feeling Good” (featuring Marissa Mapatac), “Ride” (featuring Dat Nigga Dust), and “Kinfolk” (featuring Young Kidd). The quality production of the album compliments the thought-provoking lyrics and punchlines to a T.

Finalie keeps the change with his latest mixtape drop [Review] -

Finalie keeps the change with his latest mixtape drop [Review] -

Finalie’s persona encompasses the party life. He established this in his previous mixtape, Fade Away. “After listening to Fade Away – which had a lot to say about my party life—it seems as though people were focused on that [party] aspect, rather than the bars I was producing,” said Finalie. So he took things up a notch for this tape, by focusing on his lyrics. “I decided to let the people know I got bars,” he said. The focus on lyricism can be heard in just about every track on the mixtape. And it’s especially evident in the track, “KTC” (featuring Goody): “Take a look at my life/ I urge you to see it/ Billie Jean my bitch/ Why wouldn’t I beat it?”

The values Finalie lives by are along the lines of, “live life to the fullest” and, “have no regrets.” Finalie’s ability to convey this particular style in his music is uncanny. Not only does he evoke the mood and atmosphere for his tracks, but he also laces them with matching hooks. If you pay attention, his versatility is shown in the tracks “So Good,” “Changed,” and “Kin Folk.” Yes, that’s Finalie on the hook. He articulates intelligently, with his own style thrown into the mix. Just listen to the lyrics on “So Good”: “You say you got the words/Novacaine mixed in/ Your fiend’s getting sick/I’m ‘a need a prescription.”

It’s evident that Finalie uses his craft as an outlet. “If I feel angry, I write. If I wanna turn up, I’ll write,” he said. “It’s a release for me. Anytime I go through a feeling, situation, or experience, in order to express it. Admittedly, he was actually writing right before HipHopCanada arrived to chat with him.

Finalie’s quality bars and punchline-laced phrases make him a considerable force in the Winnipeg hip-hop scene. Finalie’s drive for success is very inspirational. “You gotta do anything necessary to get your product done and out there,” he said. “If you believe in your ability, your drive, and your hunger, you gotta do everything in your power to make it.”

And Finalie does just that. Though he admits that Winnipeg’s hip-hop scene is still growing, he feels that the community is oversaturated. “Most of [the music] right now aint even quality,” said Finalie. “I think people really need to be honest with their homies and be honest with themselves.” Finalie believes that artists need to work on mastering quality flow, and honing their craft. And to be fair, the culture seems to have become more smoke-and-mirrors, with a breed of artist more concerned with appearance (as opposed to craft, lyrics, and notability). Looks can be very deceiving.

Finalie is constantly working on projects. But right now, he’s pushing Keep the Change. “Right now, it’s all about Keep the Change,” he said. “I’m always working. It won’t be long until I hit y’all up with something else.”

So make sure you go cop a download of the tape. Afterwards, you can keep the change.

Written by Jamie Ellis for HipHopCanada
Jamie Ellis is HipHopCanada’s Winnipeg Rep

Twitter: @FINALIE

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